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The Ego – Nothing to Eliminate

The EGO – nothing to Eliminate

  |  Ulrike Manhart

Ulrike Manhart

The Ego from my personal yoga therapeutical point of view.
Overcoming the Ego is a popular topic in the spiritual scene.

I am sure you have heard the sentence:

„Ego is a wonderful servant but not often a good master.“

There are millions of quotes out there that point to the Ego as the root of suffering. In this Blog I give you some ideas to provoke your Believe-system.

When I worked in the 90s (1996) by the early death of my father with a child psychologist who has opened my consciousness to chakras and for “invisible” things, and I have begun to deal with the cosmos and our psyche consciously. I came across again and again the teachings of the spiritual scene of the great masters that the EGO is to blame for everything. And at that time I already felt „No“ that is not arguing in me. That is not the truth.

Why is it a part of us that we reject? Why do we blame the EGO for all the bad & suffering in the world? And in our own lives?

The more you avoid something of yourself, the louder it screams for love. So below are some ideas of over 25 years Lab Work. As a manifesting generator 1/3 with a ruling Sacral, I tell you we are long in our laboratory before we share our results.

A little introduction in some theoretical definitions of what the Ego is:

Freud’s personality theory (1923) saw the psyche structured into three parts. The ID, EGO, and SUPEREGO. These are systems, not parts of the brain, or in any way physical.
According to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, the ID is the primitive and instinctual part of the mind that contains sexual and aggressive drives and hidden memories, the Superego operates as a moral conscience, and the ego is the realistic part that mediates between the desires of the Id and the Superego.
Although each part of the personality comprises unique features, they interact to form a whole, and each part makes a relative contribution to an individual’s behavior. So this forms let’s call it a divine Trinity.

“The ego is “that part of the ID which has been modified by the direct influence of the external world.” (Freud, 1923, p. 25)

The Iceberg Modells from the 20ies.

What is the Ego exactly and what does the Ego?

The ego is the personality component responsible for dealing with reality.
The ego functions in the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious mind.

„The EGO is the only part of the conscious personality. It’s what the person is aware of when they think about themselves, and is what they usually try to project toward others. The EGO develops to mediate between the unrealistic ID and the external real world. It is the decision-making component of personality. Ideally, the EGO works by reason, whereas the ID is chaotic and unreasonable. The EGO operates according to the reality principle, working out realistic ways of satisfying the ID’s demands, often compromising or postponing satisfaction to avoid negative consequences of society. The EGO considers social realities and norms, etiquette and rules in deciding how to behave.“
Freud, S. (1923). The ego and the id. SE, 19: 1-66.

„Jung saw the ego as the centre of the field of consciousness which contains our conscious awareness of existing and a continuing sense of personal identity. It is the organiser of our thoughts and intuitions, feelings, and sensations, and has access to memories which are not repressed.“

The Vedic View:

Each human being has an ego or sense of separate self based upon our identification with the physical body that is rooted in our karma. This human ego at an intellectual level can be strong, even when it is sophisticated or well educated. Ego is the basis of the mind, which is how we see the world from our own personal perspective, so we compulsively use our minds to justify the biases of the ego, whether individual or collective. Unless we learn how to meditate and question the ego-mind, we will remain caught in its whirlpools that lead us into conflict with the egos of others, which are also justified by the conclusions of their own minds.

We are all related Jivas in a vast and benefic universe, on our pilgrimage through time and space. While we must face the consequences of our karmas, we are not limited to who we are in any single birth. Our inner being moves through all of nature, in the stars, planets, atmosphere, mountains, oceans, forests, and every sort of creaturely manifestation from plants to devas. The Jivatman has a higher intelligence born of its sense of eternal existence and relationship with the universe as a whole. We must learn to awaken that higher intelligence called the sattvic buddhi in Vedantic thought. We must recognize that we have many bodies in many births in many different worlds, and that also all worlds and creatures are inherent within us.

Our true Self, which is unity consciousness, is the only enduring basis for harmony and happiness in life and society. But to discover that we must look beyond the ego, the me and the mine, with its physical, mental and social limitations, to the real source of consciousness within us that is the inner light of Being.

Each one of us has a powerful sense of self, but we must remember that ultimately the true sense of Self-being is universal, not simply our personal identification with body and mind. We must expand our sense of Self beyond body and mind, society or even history, to embrace the greater Self-aware universe where differences in name and forms are but waves on a boundless ocean of unity, Brahman, the cosmic and transcendent reality.

So the definition of Ego in the yoga world:

Ego (ahamkara) is defined as the individual’s sense of who they are – their thoughts, desires and personality, as shaped by the mind. It is sometimes referred to as the “false self,” because it is colored only by one’s view of the world.

The Bhagavad Gita says:
Ahaṁkāra (Sanskrit: अहंकार), ‘I-making’ is a Sanskrit term in Saṃkhyā philosophy that refers to the identification of Self or Being with ‘Nature’ or any impermanent ‘thing’. It is referred to as ego and evolves from Mahat-tattva, It is one of the four Antaḥkaraṇa (functions of the mind).

Osho says:
“You cannot drop the ego. Once you start trying to drop the ego you will get in a very deep mess; you will become more and more worried and puzzled. And this is not the way to get rid of the ego. The only way to get rid of the ego is to look at it.”

„Non-acceptance is a form of anger and wanting changes is form of Ego.“

Swami Vivekananda:
“The “ego” like its correlative “non-ego”, is the product of the body, mind etc. The only proof of the existence of the real Self is realisation.”

He defined the ego as “the soul identified with the body.” Since we have 3 bodies (physical, astral, and causal). Same concept as Ram Dass and many others.

Sri Ramana Maharshi
Ego is I-thought. True ‘I’ is the Self.

Yes there flows the saying in: There are no others. More to it later. I know it is confusing. The same like I am god and I am praying to God. So what?

The Samkhya Philosophy of Patanjali

In the Samkhya Indian school of philosophy – linked to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – the universe is seen as being divided up into two aspects: Prakriti and Purusha, or ‘manifest’ and ‘unmanifest’. 

In this philosophy, Prakriti is seen as ‘creation’ or ‘matter’ and there are 25 ways Prakriti comes into being, most notably the mind, the senses, the body, the elements and the material world. Purusha is often known as the ‘divine essence’, the energy that is unmanifest and cannot be seen even with the smallest telescope. 

The Yoga Sutras state that when we experience Avidya (ignorance) we often believe or become tangled up in all the thoughts we experience in the mind. We confuse our true self – the most pure essence – with the ego and we get pushed and pulled around by the storms of the mind, also known as ‘Maya’ (Illusion).

So if we say somebody has a big Ego: What does it mean?

I believe there is a huge confusion about the EGO. If we say someone has a ‘big ego’ this essentially means that they identify a little too closely with their story, their body and their BEING. To have a ‘big ego’ does not necessarily mean to be overly confident and abrasive, it can refer to the over-attachment to ‘I, Me, My’.

In my opinion „Fuck it“:

You are more than able to look behind all these limitations ……The Ego isn’t responsible or holding you back from it. What is holding you back is the fact that you think that your are separate from the unity consciousness, from all that is. This happens in the moment when you are taking your first Inhale. It’s not the ego that’s the problem, it’s our over-identification with, and attachment to, the story that comes with it.
Also the fact that the Ego fears Death. Something in our body must keep us alive. What would keep us alive? The Organs? The Fear of Death is a complete other Topic and has not a seed to do with the Ego.

Psychologist Pelin Kesebir argues that a much more constructive and healthier way of dealing with death anxiety is through Humility. Across five studies, Pelin Kesebir tested the idea that high levels of humility (measured both as a trait and as a state of being) would be associated with lower death anxiety and lower defensiveness in the face of death thoughts. First, she found that high levels of humility and low levels of entitlement were associated with lower levels of death anxiety and anxiety-induced defensiveness. Humility warded off death anxiety more than qualities such as high self-esteem, mindfulness, general virtuousness, and even having a secure attachment style.

Back to another concept:

In Theta Healing the Concept is about the Planes of Existence by Vianna Stibal: There are seven planes.

7th Creation/Source
6th Universal Laws
5th Guides/Angels/Ascended Masters
4th Spirit
3rd Our Reality
2nd Organic Material
1st In-organic Material

Ram Dass is Teaching the 3 planes of existence:
One system through which you can look at it all, is that there are a set of vibrations or frequencies, you can call them the physical plane, the astral plane, the causal plane, and that which is beyond the beyond.

In Buddhism they talk about 31 Planes/Dimensions.

THE TAO talk about the 7 planes too:
the physical, astral, causal, akashic, mental, messianic and buddhaic planes

„The concept of matter expanding is from Mark MuCutcheon’s The Final Theory.  Just as matter is expanding vibration in the etheric field, the waves created by matter in the etheric themselves create waves in each subsequent field into which each lower plane field is impeded.  The number of the individual planes is not known by science at the current time, as the theory is too new, however the ancient Egyptians had developed a system consisting of 42 subplanes within 7 major planes (John Gordon’s Egypt: Child of Atlantis).“

The list is endless. The Shaman´s & indogen Cultures of are believing as well in different planes of existence concepts.

Why I was opening with the Planes on this topic?

By working at the highest Plane directly from Source, THIS:
* eliminates unhealthy Ego and Sickness
* is without dualistic Perception…it’s unity and unifying
* eliminates Fear
* is anyway beyond Death
* allows us to know the Highest Truth & Live our highest Purpose because Source is working through us in a high frequency

My true opinion about the EGO:


We must not get rid of the Ego. It is more about the realization „WHO THINKS!“

The ego is used in all the teachings as an example to recognize the separation and thus dissolve it.

And from my more than 20 years of work as a therapist and more than 13 years as a yoga teacher I can say. A healthy ego is enormously important to set healthy boundaries. And yes an ego can survive without desires.
We can use our ego to identify ourselves. It helps us see ourselves as part of the greater whole and dissolve separation.

Ego is one of our greatest Strength and our greatest weakness. It can chase us up and it can deeply sabotage us. Ego gives us the power to tackle the things we are afraid of. It is directly related to willpower and helps us reprogram just about everything in our system. It gives us resilience when things go wrong. It helps us grow. In what direction we are free to choose.

So, why not use our ego to grow into our highest potential?

Here is our task. When you look back on the iceberg modell through the EGO we are able to make the Conscious Part (The top of the Iceberg) BIGGER.

Rumi said: „The wings of humankind is its aspiration.”

Another good trait of the Ego is our Vulnerability. It helps us to forgive and to say „Sorry“. It helps us to communicate our current status. So it is a big help to be empathic to each other and understand the situation your vis-a-vis is in.

Neither Buddhism nor Psychotherapy seeks to eradicate the ego.

To do so would leave us helpless or psychotic. We need our egos to navigate the world, to regulate our instincts and to mediate the conflicting demands of self and the „others“. The therapeutic practices of both Buddhism and Psychotherapy are often used to build up the ego. When someone is depressed or suffers from low self-esteem because he or she has been mistreated, for example, therapy must focus on repairing the ego. I find it very useful to strengthen the self-love, Self-awareness, Faith, Learning to set healthy Boundaries etc. extremely important to have an EGO that is able to be programmed in a new way. A new Program of Mind & EGO that we can dive into a higher consciousness. Raising Consciousness and taking the unconsious mind the Leadership.

I understand the other unhealthy side. When arrogance and the „ME“ take a lot of space. It makes us small when we interact which such kind of persons. Why? Because our Ego doesn’t like it. We like confidence but we don’t like arrogance. It would be an interesting look into it where does confidence end and arrogance begin?
„Confidence ends and arrogance begins when you fail to see past yourself“ said one of my beloved followers.
Google says: Confidence becomes arrogance when perspective is lost and an individual loses humility. – Interesting wise here closes the circle with Humility and the Fear of Death. Confident individuals see themselves and their abilities as significant while arrogant individuals see themselves and their abilities as superior.
Where are our personal markers to judge someone as arrogant?

It works against us when we stay stucked in your 2D/3D Thinking. It works against us when it pushes us into Fear & Anxiety. Exactly here we DO and ACT for ourselves and all others around us. It shuts down our vulnerability and a dark loop begins. Blaming others and victim hood are also results of an unhealthy ego. Being aware of these self-sabotage programs is the first point and there is a way out. Unprogramming your mind.

There are mostly reasons for an unhealthy ego that is in defensiveness mode. Mostly to protect some „weakness“ or not feeling good enough. And so many other reasons. I am in a state that when I sense such behavior I open & expand myself so much that the other one feels safe and loved. And funny enough the other side stops to do the „arrogant“ – I am better than you – behavior. Arrogance is always rooted in insecurity. A defense from feelings of weakness that are unacceptable and unclaimed. 

We bleed to the outside to protect something. I see in every encounter a spark of god and I deeply believe whatever comes into my direction serves me and my highest good. That means for the highest good of all.

And behaviors that you don’t like on others show you on the one hand:
A excluded part you haven’t integrated or loved enough in yourself. And on the second hand exactly the way you don’t want to be.

And here is one of my favorite Parts of the „Autobiography of a Yoga, in Chapter 43.

„The Resurrection of Sri Yukeeswar“. When the pysical body dies, what remains are the astral and causal bodies. Generally speaking, you begin at that point to dwell on some level of the astral plane.

As for the Ego, you do take it WITH YOU after physical Death, into the Astral plane. Yogananda defined the Ego as „ the soul identified with the body“.

Since we have 3 bodies (physical, astral and causal) and for as long as we have any sort of body, in order to exist within it, we must be attached to it, at least to some degree. So the ego can never cease to exist until it is completely relinquished the moment final liberation (ALL 3 BODIES ARE DISSOLVED AWAY). Astral body includes Chakras, Nadis, Aura, Koshas and so on.

When Jesus said: „The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.“. He was speaking of the soul that which is temporarily contained in the 3 bodies. Your spark of “All that is”.

Small Exercise:

Take some deep breaths and watch your thoughts that enter. Watch the thought as it enters your mind but (here’s the difficult part) do not become emotionally involved with it. Let them pass through like clouds on the sky. This is how we step into mindfulness. Learning to build up an internal warning system. And the realization of is this thought supporting the highest good of this world or not? Does it serve?

ALL IN ALL I deeply feel that the great sages use the Teachings of the Ego to lead you on the road to your true Essence and that we have to look beyond. We need a counterpart to realize what we are NOT.

Make peace with your Ego! Love it. Don’t push it away. It learns from your thoughts.You are an eternal Creator Being. Enjoy the ride and love every single cell and part of yourself. The Seen and Unseen.

If we dive deep enough into ourselves, we can find the thread of universal Love that ties the whole universe together.

Trust & Love,


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Antahkarana in Yoga and the Akashic Field

ANTAHKARANA in Yoga & the Akashic Field

  |  Ulrike Manhart

 Beloved – Autumn Skye

“The body is your physical instrument for living in the external world. Your mind or internal instrument is antah-karana. The antahkarana has four faculties that function in the interior world: manas (active mind), chitta (subconscious; storehouse or reservoir of subtle impressions or samskaras), buddhi (intellect), and ahamkara (ego, the sense of “I-am-ness” or individuality). Manas has five subtle senses and five gross senses to experience the external world—the world of objects. Coordinating the four faculties requires real effort and makes the mind creative, useful, and productive.”~ The Essence of Spiritual Life

In Vedāntic literature, this antahkaraṇa (internal organ) is organised into four parts:
Ahamkāra (ego) – identifies the Atman (self) with the body as ‘I’
Buddhi (intellect) – controls decision making
Manas (mind) – controls sankalpa (will or resolution/intention)
Chitta (memory) – deals with remembering and forgetting”

Antahkarana represents a whole philosophical concept. It refers to the deep levels of the mind, ego, and emotions. It’s about how we can transcend them and how we can grow from a spiritual perspective.

What does Antahkarana mean & where does it coming from?

Antahkarana as a symbol and Antahkarana as a Channel or Channels

The word Antahkarana originates in Sanskrit – Antar means “interior”, or “within”, and Karana means “sense”, or “organ”. It is used in Reiki, Feng Shui and I use it in my Akashic Field work.
To me it is part of our astral anatomy. Connecting the physical body with our higher soul body. It is a very effective healing Tool during Meditations as symbol.

Origin: not sure but first scriptures from
Tibeatian China Buddhism for 1000 years –
Used for Healing & practicing Meditation

Many say the symbol originated in Tibet. The Antahkarana symbol creates an energy that has a direct effect on the human aura. Activating chakra points in various ways. Yantra meditation for instance uses visual images to reach the consciousness. The Antahkarana is a very ancient healing and meditation symbol that has been used in China and Tibet for thousands of years. Today, it is a widely known symbol which those who use it claim has a consciousness of its own.

It is connecting our physical being with our higher self.

The Taoists say this symbol the great microcosmic orbit. Psychic Energies enter via the crown and via the feet. This is the flow that contains endless energy to the chakras. Helps to tune our energetic & spiritual bodies. It is also used to neutralize energy. It is multidimensional.
The symbol it starts to move from 3 seven numbers on a flat surface into a 3d cube. This 7 represents the 7 chakras, 7 tones of the musical scale. 7 colors. Like the Yantras. It transmits energy and transformation.

The Tibetan said that this symbol was first given to beings over 100.000 years ago in Lemurian Times. It is being brought to us now stronger to re-establish our connection with our higher self.

Antahkarana Feminine (yin) – Antahkarana Masculine (yang)

Benefits of the Antahkarana?

Antahkarana symbols will be cleansed of negative energy. Placing male and female versions of the symbol on a wall will generate the power to neutralize every kind of negative energy.
The Antahkarana symbol will also neutralize negative energy that may have collected in items such as jewellery or crystals simply by placing the object between two symbols.. Just lying down on the symbols for three minutes will reverse the body’s magnetic poles, instantly rebalancing the chakra points. Or you can use it to to purify your water.

Antahkarana in the Akashic Field Work

It is also called the Sacred or Rainbow Bridge – the life Thread

This is a short excerpt from my Akashic Field Training of my Teacher Mia Renner – Akashic Ascension Academy:

The Higher Divine, or Spiritual, Channel – an energetic umbilical chord connecting us
to Divine Source. (some call this the God-spark or Life Thread).
There are 3 channels or substructures of the Antahkarana;

The Primary Antahkarana – known as the Life Thread, is present in all humans, and is
seated at the higher heart chakra and is how we receive our vital force from divine source.

This energy enters into the lungs and the heart and is assimilated throughout the body via
the chakra energy centers, through the energy channels (meridians or nadis) into the
physical body systems, bones/blood/organs/cells.
We create blockages within our higher energy body channels with our thoughts, words,
feelings, emotions & actions, & consumption of toxic products.
When this channel is blocked, we may experience dis-ease, physically, mentally,
emotionally, feel ill, fatigued, depleted, run down, as our body is not receiving 100%
vital force energy, & if left untreated, may lead to more serious illness or disease.
It may also present as a block to understanding our soul role/purpose and abilities.

The Secondary Antahkarana – known as the Consciousness Thread, is present only
in those who are on a spiritual path & participating in spiritual practices.
It is ‘constructed’ over time with personal development & awareness.
This channel is the connection from the Higher mind – Soul intelligence, to the Lower
mind, the physical, or personality.
It connects at our crown & sits within the central brain cavity, around the pineal gland.
It is how we receive information & wisdom from our Monadic presence – our Over –
Soul, or Super – intelligence.

The Third Antahkarana – Known as the Creative Thread, is how we receive our
creative impulses & divine gifts & abilities from our Soul, or divine source.
It is seated at our throat chakra, which is our self expression & thought creativity.
When this channel is blocked, it may limit our ability to understand or access our divine
gifts, qualities & creative process.“

In the Akashic Field work, we are consciously having a look at these 3 channels. In my personal work experience with clients, Throat Chakra Blocks and 3rd Antahkarana Blocks are often connected. When we open & clear this channels our divine gifts are easier to access, and you understand your purpose and creativity starts to flow again.

Yantras in Yoga

In Yoga we use a lot of different Yantras. A yantra is a simple or complex form that serves a specific purpose and provides people with a source of supreme knowledge. Yantras are tools for meditation, mantra recitation and prayer, and help to focus on intentions and channel the energy of the universe into the body. Yantras date back to the Vedic period in India (ca. 1500-500 BC) and originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The Vedas, the sacred texts of Hinduism, were the first book to mention them.

Antahkarana & Isis Activation

I have created an Antahkarana & Isis Activation for you for free in my Memberarea. Check it out. Prepare the Symbol in front of you for it.  And why Isis?
According to Pythagoras: “13 is the most enigmatic of all numbers, as it is the number of transformation.”
Return of the Feminine. Flower of Life- 13 systems that come out of the fruit
Lunar Cycles of the Year. Death and Rebirth in the same. Flipside of the coin aspect.
6 POINTED STAR – Anahata (Heart).
Isis was a medicine keeper & magician. Stepping into wholeness. Reclaim your wisdom
The beauty in the Beast and the Beast in the Beauty. The connection to Isis – Isis is the most respected Goddess on our planet. Her teachings were spread to Asia, Europe, India. England. She is the feminine Archetype for Creation. Similar to 13. Fertiliy and Motherhood. Queen of the Throne. Coin of light and dark. These symbols got hidden. None of us can be corrupted because all of it exists beyond our 3D world. To me Isis Frequency embodies a very special & pure fragrance of creation.

Go and get it for free

All in all, mankind always worked with symbols. From the very beginning on. Before we could write, we used them. There are so many different symbols that embody different healing frequencies and holding secret powers within.
2 days ago I have seen the sparkles on the ocean as Asian symbols. Like a very special light language or light scriptures encoded through the water. My eyes could make it visible. Still unpacking. I have closed my eyes in between and I could see a Chinese Healer doing his sacred work. It was a holy moment.

My personal connection to Antahkarana Healing Work is that there is a special moment when the channels start to open up and flow. It always brings a smile to my face because I know what expansion, growth and healing it will bring to my client.

May all the Antahkarana´s flow – open – connected to source in deep respect and love to the Divine!

Trust & Love,


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Trusting the Divine Masculine and Sacred Union

Trusting the Divine Masculine and Sacred Union

  |  Ulrike Manhart

 Beloved – Autumn Skye

The divine feminine and divine masculine. Everyone has these two universal and inherent energies and archetypal ideals within. Most women identify with their feminine essence, and most men identify with their masculine essence. That is the essential difference between men and women that is driven by biology, evolutionary psychology, and other energetic and emotional factors based on the Archetypes.

The masculine represents our ability to make decisions, to go forward, to think and strategize, to take control, to progress and achieve, to lead and provide directions, and to be very much goal and solution-oriented. Masculine energy is fire. It’s protective, stable, purposeful, yearns to be needed and craves for prestige and purpose. The fire element´s Home is the Manipura/Solar plexus Chakra. Yellow bright light like the SUN.

The feminine represents our ability to surrender and let go, to let things happen and to be in the flow, to deeply trust and be in touch with the feelings more than with the thoughts. The feminine is interested in being more than doing. The Energy is water. It’s receptive, nurturing, creative, empathic, supportive. The water element is in the Svadhisthana Chakra – The sexual chakra – based. To me on a personal level, creationwise we are totally different. Men spread their „seeds“ with deep trust that growth will happen. Women receiving & taking care of the seed – observe the growth and giving birth.

The polarity plays

The polarity between the masculine and the feminine are always at play, and that’s what creates physical attraction and emotional connection. Women are attracted to men who are solid and secure. Who know what they want. Who can take her by the hand and claim her as his woman. Alert here: When I have expectations that others will show up for me in a certain way, I can limit their expression. I am just talking about generel plays. That would be another Blog for sure. One that is sure, unwavering in the face of danger, and strong in his ability to protect and provide. Most women do not “see” these men. They don’t “recognize” them because their vision is blurred with years of limiting beliefs about women, men and relationships. They don’t see them because they’ve been running on masculine engines for way too long, and this false sense of control and YANG lifestyle now regulates their life. Furthermore, they can’t let their guard down. They don’t know how to be intimate, connect and receive. They don’t know how to feel. And they surely don’t know how to be in their bodies and play that feminine pole that is so attractive to the masculine. And the circle of Trust and Mistrust in each other closes and opens again. First, you have to heal that sacred relationship INSIDE of YOU. Anyway, in my view we need to enjoy our role and feel respected for what we are.

Check in what are your inner man and inner women doing right now?

Roots of mistrust

From today’s point of view and mistrust in general: Yes, there are many wounds just in our Gene’s that we have enough reasons to not trust. It’s multi-layered. Perhaps even beyond our personal narrative. The answer lies deep within our DNA. It lies within our cultural conditioning. Family values. Our relationships (or lack thereof) with our parents. Societal norms. Social constructs. I would love to go here a little deeper in collective Trauma wounds. How this mistrust is anchored in my view as I observe it in the healing field and the stories that came to me to learn, grow and make sense for my clients creations. Where we can grow and unite in a divine, sacred way.
Examples of Collective Trauma we carry since birth and/or before are:

Feminine wounds.
Masculine wounds.
Mother wounds.
Father wounds.
Persecution wounds.
Patriarchy wounds.
Separation wounds.
Abandonment wounds.
Betrayal wounds.
Witch wounds and many more.

Examples that cause collective Trauma:
War, occupation, and other military conflicts.
Terrorist attacks.
Pandemics and epidemics.
Recessions and depressions.
Genocide and religious persecution.
Racial trauma, misogyny, apartheid, and class-based violence.
Mass killings.

The range of personal Trauma is endless. Let´s face it:

Pain is a fundamental part of life, and there is no escaping it. Rather than hide from pain, we should face it and transform it into something positive. Pain is inescapable, but it is up to us whether we choose to face it or not. To me, it is a Portal. A catalyst for growth and deeper healing.

Wounds exist as well on a soul level and a DNA level. We all have them. The question is how are the wounds controlling us. Are you bleeding your wounds on others?
Many women have huge trust issues in the divine Masculine. Created in this life trough bad experiences with the father, brother, lover, teacher or other masculine role players in the field. Others are created in other experiences on a soul level before this incarnation. Or just passed on from the ancestor lines.

Source Unknown

My own healing journey

In my case, it has been two massive witch wounds and an abusive experience that I have carried from my mother, that she wasn’t even conscious about because it was an early childhood development Trauma. Including my new experiences I have created in relationships in this life.  I consciously point out the dark side here. What I have attracted in my relationships with men were: Betrayal from their side because from my side no trust was given. Violent & addictive Behaviors. Mental Disorders like Borderline, manic outbursts, violence have touched my door from the outside. That was very spooky sometimes. And what all had in common was a Lack of purpose & they all had a very bad or no relationship to their fathers and I was blooming in my “work”. My choices of my partners were mostly poor ones that have lighted me this deep mistrust up. In yellow Neon color. If you know what I mean. I wanted to help. Being the therapist. I wanted to be the strong one because I loved. The whole. Bla-bla, but having a child growing up in an very unsafe home was not one second an option to me. It was a huge lesson. One Day one of my closest friends said to me. Ulli you have so much light and your light attracts a lot of darkness. And maybe you always choose somebody on your side with big problems that you don´t have to look on your stuff. Uh yeah. I loved her honesty.

On all levels, a very bad relationship to my mother. Wow, she could trigger me. My way was first to heal my divine feminine before I could even step on the other side. Better said, I was thinking it was done with the healing of the feminine, but it was not. The seed was a masculine part in the feminine line. So it was tricky and complex but found the treasure.

My healing kick-off started through a Surfboard Accident. Through a massive crash from another women’s surfboard into my right rib cage and a liver Trauma. All my anger came up in one second that was sedated my whole life. The Self Love & setting-Boundaries Teachers are the best ones. My grand final was my relationship with my son’s father. I said to myself – this is enough. After the Break-up from this relationship, I went to a Shaman healer. He touched this energetic imprint on my left side of my back. He sang and elicited it out. Standing in the fire circle, I started to cry. The pain was so strong that I could not even make a sound. And so my healing journey began. My deep mistrust came from my feminine line. I don’t go here deeper, but it was a long journey and I found the seed. And I could never ever imagine where this journey were leading me, but the fact that I had enough and made a new choice was all I had to do.

We are lucky to have nowadays amazing powerful tools to clear & heal on all levels in a second when we are making the choice to do so. Everyone has a different way and tools. In my way it was a dance of psychotherapy, re-parenting my inner child, shamanic womb healings, yoga, divine feminine teachings, Akasha/quantum field work, bodywork and other personal healing modalities. Now my inner man & my inner woman are in love and peace. My ancestral line is cleared and my relationship to my mother is healed & in peace too. She has healed through me too. And then the divine masculine knocked softly protective on my door again through so many signs & miracles to tell me it is safe to love again.

Surrender to Divine Masculine – Helena Naturaleza (

How can we break the mistrust?

We caught up in Emotions! Energy in motion. Emotion can make you believe that’s who you are. These human experiences as a consciousness are intense. We are going through an evolutionary shift in consciousness in our human body. First the Internal shift – shadow to light – illumination – evolve. Then the external shift is happening. You are giving yourself an opportunity how it is controlling you or how are you attached to it. Detaching means you are recognizing where you are in to choose differently.

The only thing that shifts us in our collective is „Feeling“. There is the potential to shift our planet. Feeling will bring us into the state of wholeness. Feeling that will bring you into your safety. Feeling that will bring you into Freedom. Evolution in Consciousness is coming back into your body. Feeling all day long without Attachment. This is the medicine for all if you ask me.

So how can we heal the mistrust?

In healing the wounds. Feeling them. Releasing it. Integration. Acceptance.
Meditation is to me a tool to just be silent and to observe. We can look deeper into your field, what is still active. And a lot of other Clearing & Healing Techniques are available to us.

And how can we women shift the dynamic out of a strong inner man?

Stop playing the man, step more into your femininity, stop taking care of everything and everyone, stop telling him what to do, practice trust that he will figure it out, focus on you and work on your beliefs around men, women and relationships. YIN Yoga practice was for me one of the most precious gifts I received, gave and still integrate into my daily life. More on it in my other Blog:

Sacred Feminine Spirituality

On the 11/11/21 I spoke out loud a crystal clear spell that I wish for this world that men & women find a peaceful & healed way to live together on this planet. DIVINE UNION. The union must first take place inside of us whispered me a voice.

I would love to share an excerpt from Adam Foley:

„The Masculine witnesses the universe; the Feminine is the universe.
The Feminine without the Masculine exists as the substance of God, but has no awareness of where or what She is. The Masculine without the Feminine stares into empty space, attempting to discover meaning without beauty; He has direction but no purpose. This energetic interplay also manifests between two people aware of the task and potential to seek God in one another. When you find where God is in the other person and witness it (Masculine), it breaks them open to that God part of themselves (Feminine). Holding our spiritual gaze on their Divine potential is the cornerstone to true Soul-to-Soul Relationship.”

Sacred Union – Viandra (

From a yogic perspective it is Samadhi. Union with the Divine. Based to the Eight-Limbed Path.
This divine union is a recapitulation of the bliss achieved by Shakti and Shiva, and in its modern day usage reflects the act of discovering the deity within by harnessing sexual energy. This sexual energy and the power of orgasm is manifested as an act of service to the Whole and is directed back into the cosmos as divine and purified love. The orgasmic state when Ida and Pingala merges in the sushumna. Ida is based on the left. Pingala Nadi (energy channels in Hindu Philo) is on the right and Sushumna is in the center. This is basic astral anatomy stuff, but there is much more happening outside the body. These are advanced teachings. We don’t have just 7 Chakras. But during this union where you can feel it when it flows is like a fountain in your head. A Thousand light points are flickering bright. Total Samadhi for a blink of an eye. The classical teachings resonate with me since I am 14 years old. My psychologist when I was 14 years old, after my father died has introduced me to the classical charka theory & omnipresence. She was a true gift.

Ida means comfort. She transports the energy to the nervous system (YIN PART). Pingala is the YANG Energy and means flow. It controls our vitality and strength. The same goes for Ida and Pingala, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine. Therefore Ida and Pingala, together with Sushumna, are the most important energy channels that we have to be aware of. Shakti and Shiva dancing the cosmic Dance. And there is a lot to add from the mystic Teachings of the Shekinah.

Shai Tubali is an amazing Teacher, and he describes „The Connection between Orgasm and Kundalini Awakening“ for 5 minutes on YouTube:



Now is the time more than ever to awaken your Feminine & Masculine Christ codes and Ascend into Divine Union within your Heart & Soul!

If you want to have a new experience, do something what you have never done. Speak your truth, and you deserve to relax and be taken care of. Stand up for yourself, take charge of your own happiness. Trusting is a choice. An intention can be as simple as, “I want to heal my relationship with men.” Universe show me how it works. And the answer will arrive! I promise! There is a nobility in being in service to others, but we should be careful where we rest our loyality.

May you feel safe and loved. It’s safe to receive! It is safe to receive! It is safe to receive. Love is safe! And so it is. Welcome the Divine Masculine back into your life. If you need guidance or support. I am honored holding that space for you.

Trust & Love,


And my deepest gratitude goes out to all energies and kind of consciousnesses that helped me on this path. AMEN & AHO!

Pic Source: unknown www

Photocredits & Credits: Titlepicture:

“Beloved” – Autumn Skye 


And Thanks a lot for creating the other magical paintings. Artists credited!

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Sacred Feminine Spirituality

Sacred Feminine Spirituality

  |  Ulrike Manhart

Spiritual traditions in our society. What is the role of feminine spirituality? Why a female supremacy in yoga today and what are the opportunities?

When do you know that your femininity demands more YIN?

Society has been shaped by the male spiritual experience. This made access to the spiritual exclusive.

Women have always played a role in religion and spirituality. The Catholic Church made a clever move with Mary. After all, Mary is a good identification figure. Woman, mother and sufferer. But the concept belies the fact that she herself is not a goddess. She is holy, but not divine. In Christian doctrine, the role is clearly distributed. Mary is the comforter, even though she is more than that with her devotees. So that the woman in the Catholic church does not take herself too importantly, still another hook was inserted. The immaculate conception. Mary is thus denied corporeality. A misogynistic trait and an important characteristic of monotheism. Neither can one attain full humanity as a woman in Christianity. Nor is one valued for conception. And this image of women is manifested in many other world religions and holy scriptures and is still lived today.

Very often I hear as a yoga teacher. Yoga is only something for women. Yoginis are on the rise. The participation that has been forbidden to women in most spiritual traditions is seemingly present in yoga. Practitioners and teachers are overwhelmingly female. Yoginis are giving yoga a new face. But is there an advance of a feminine spirituality? And what is female spirituality?

The banishment of women from yoga

The first yogic testimonies prove that women took an active role in the spiritual context. They were not excluded from this, but were equated with fertility, growth, abundance and prosperity. In early yoga, around 2600 to 1600 BC, there was no separation between the human and the divine. Sacred scriptures also indicate that a female goddess was as important as a male one. Women were an important part of this as teachers, priestesses and saints. They were actively involved and equal.

But as in most traditions, they were banished from yoga. Brahmanism (about 900 to 600 B.C.), which led to Hinduism and the caste system, encouraged patriarchal spirituality. Women were increasingly considered impure in Vedic society. Feminine matters such as menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth threatened Brahmin priests.

A balance?

The Upanishads shifted the focus from the exclusive rituals of the Brahmins to inner spirituality. But it was not until the Bhagavad Gita that women were granted re-entry. It states that everyone can participate in spiritual life and help shape it. It is true that the Bhagavad Gita still emphasized Jnana Yoga, the yoga of knowledge. But the special thing was the presented connection between spiritual practice and everyday life through karma and bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion). For enlightenment, it was not necessary to retreat, but just the opposite. What was spiritual and what was not? That was no longer decided by the priests who appealed to their one-sided male experiences and sold them as universal.

Patanjali’s yoga sutras also strengthened bhakti yoga and thus the feminine. With Tantra, the spiritual rebirth of women was finally possible. Tantra stood in contrast to the teachings of the Brahmins. The body was no longer an obstacle on the path to enlightenment. Rather, it was a manifestation of Shakti, the divine feminine power. The body was seen as a vehicle on the path to enlightenment.  Tantra then became the precursor to Hatha Yoga.



Women held the community together, cooked, and cared for children and the elderly. These experiences, however, do not appear in the sacred writings. They were opposite to sacral masculine. At the same time, we should naturally bring in our experiences. Because every moment is sacred. Feminine spirituality is everyday spirituality. Feminine spirituality carries deep change. It also carries a revolutionary, deeply transformative spirit. Femininity is as diverse and mutable as women themselves. And we here in Europe have the freedom to go into our power and see ourselves as pioneers for many cultures where a lot of enlightenment work is still needed. (Africa (genital mutilation), Arab cultures, etc.) The men profit from it too, because these do not know since the birth control pill quite what their task seems to be. It was groundbreaking, however, has led many women to become or want to be better men. 


Yin and Yang. One is created by the other. If they are in balance, they merge. A disbalance creates separation. Whereas Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee says, “Seperation is a masculine idea.”

Yin & Yang are the sacred substance in creation.

How do you know that you “need” more YIN?

Here are some thoughts from Daniela Hutter. She describes in her book “The Yin Principle”.

– You feel an inner emptiness or an inner longing for you?

(Since the 70’s and emancipation, there is a lack of identity, inner emptiness and hunger for yourself in many women.

– You mean you can’t with women? The idea of being out with a larger group of women makes you cringe?

– You carry a grudge against the masculine inside you? You totally reject the masculine?

On the body level, a YANG excess expresses itself like this:

– You can’t fall asleep well. Restless nights, not sleeping through the night.

– You are jumpy, anxious & shaky?

– You suffer from ringing in the ears?

– Your joints ache, bones are brittle, your back is weak?

– You lack the desire for sex? Your orgasm is missing or only fleeting?

More YIN in your life

– Everything that leads you into relaxation. Relaxation allows opening. When we are open, we can receive.

– Environment influences cell nucleus.  In nature we meet Mother Earth.

– Water represents the feminine. Water always seeks the way into the depths.

– All creative processes are feminine aspect of creation.

– Rituals at new & full moon. The moon is a strong source of power for women.

– Sleep during the night gives YIN.

– Nutrition according to TCM. Vegetables, avocados, pumpkin, melon, berries, etc. nourish the YIN.

– When the doing (physical) & the soul become one, they open new consciousness that brings change. This happens through the practice of yoga, which unites body, mind and spirit.

YIN energy gives roots & support.

YIN Yoga is such a nourishing unique way to go into observer mode. This passiveness is deeply healing and sets emotions, blocks and traumas in a safe space free. The yin practice which is also connected to the TCM/ Traditional Chinese Medicine is related to the organs and meridians also called Nadis in yogic astral anatomy.

The sacred feminine is the ancient voice that sings the song of creation.

She is the side of the Divine that brings the original spark into being.

In reverence for the sacred feminine we find love for every being in creation, and a respect that teaches us to appreciate all beings as sacred, as filled with divine light. In this we recognize our kinship and mutual relationship, learn that together we belong to the great mystery of life. Through the feminine we recognize the light in creation, the sacredness of the earth.

When we honor the divine feminine, we find a natural access to spiritual qualities such as receptivity, patience, the ability to listen and care for life.

The sacred feminine also encompasses the spiritual power to give birth to life and to connect matter and spirit. Her greatest potential is the power to connect the created world to her soul and to renew that connection.

The divine feminine is not bound to one gender, it lives in all of us, in women and in men.

Women have a special part in bringing the feminine back into our spiritual work and practice after we as humanity have neglected and disregarded it for millennia. For me, this work represents an indispensable contribution to the healing and transformation of the world.

Only through working together with the sacred feminine can we heal and transform the world. And this means to honor her presence within our bodies and our soul, in the ground we walk on, the air we breathe and the water we drink.

YIN Yoga is a sacred tool that puts me in the softness and receiver position. I have chosen to break the circle of being an inferior servant (that was a hard nut)….it was passed on in my feminine line over generations. It was a lot work about self-worth and self-love. Then protecting my child from an abusive, violent & addicted father. It has highlighted my mistrust into the masculine. I made a conscious choice to be a single-mum who had to learn to ask for help, because it was in my world just weakness to ask for help. I am raising a son that your daughter will be safe with. I promise. And I could go on and on. It was hard work for me to get there and therefore it gives me even more pleasure to share my deep insights with you. This is a qualitative practice and travel to step into the power of the goddess who you are.

Now I am ready for the male energy to serve me. The masculine is deeply honored.

May this thoughts give you inspiration & strength to honour your sacred divine feminine.

Jay Jay Ma! Jay Shiva Shankara!




Aquarian Rebirth – Robyn Chance, 2nd source unknown, @mirkformphotography

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A Fearless Courageous Heart

A Fearless Courageous Heart

  |  Ulrike Manhart

“Courage is knowing what not to fear.” Plato

New moons are always good moments to devote yourself to shadow work. This new moon is under the sign of leo. For me the symbol of courage par excellence. Some time ago I had posted something personal about fear and received many private messages. As a yoga teacher, it is important to me to look where it becomes unpleasant in order to grow and to move on more joyfully. To break through your own limits and make the impossible possible. To illuminate the magic of growth.

There is so much fear in the collective field at the moment and since my field of action is prevention, I try to show you ways to get out of this field. To illuminate the fear. Everyone knows it. Everyone has it.The function of fear is innate in us. Part of the deal. It protects us from danger and ensures our survival. That is the primordial fear. The underlying motive is fear of death or fear of pain.Then there’s the fictitious fear. It’s a fantasy that has nothing to do with reality. It has more to do with experiences and fictitious thought scenarios that take place in the mind. There is no real danger behind it. Easily explained:

Situation -> positive images -> no fear

Situation -> negative images -> fear


3 possibilities for more ease

I would like to give you 3 possibilities that can help you to bring more ease into your life when fears appear in your mind or on an emotional, physical level.

1 – Reality Check

“How dangerous is this situation really? What’s the worst thing that could happen to you?”

That takes away a lot of pressure.

Identify your fears
Embrace your fears (being afraid to face fear is feeding your fear with fear)
Disidentify with your fears; they are not you
Understand your worst-case scenario
Do a reality check (of the probability of your worst-case scenario coming true)

2 – Pratipaksha Bhavana – A logical way to change fear into courage

First, realize that you are in control of your thoughts at all times.

  • Absorb the images that appear inside you
  • Delete these images by mentally smashing, tearing, pouring a bucket of paint over them or burning them.
  • Replace the images -Replace the images that are emerging inside you into a positive thing

Bhuta Shuddi is also very helpful here. A very good technique which uses the purification of the elements. I learned this technique from Carlos Pomeda. And you will surely find good instructions online. Have a look if you hear the call to try it or dive deeper.

3 – Become master of your thoughts

It is impossible to be relaxed and to be afraid at the same time. Anxiety and stress release hormones that affect the metabolism. Insecurity blocks and weakens the immune cells. Meditation not only brings peace and relaxation to your mind, but also to your body. Get out of the carousel of thoughts once a day.

Five minutes a day are enough to start with to create more clarity and positivity. To do this, find a short meditation that you can easily handle. That’s why there are so many techniques that support you in staying with it.

Where is the fear in the body? Let’s rather ask. Where is the seat of basic trust? How do you strengthen it?

In the Muladhara Chakra – the root chakra is the seat of primal trust. You strengthen it: Colour red which creates energy and connection. The element is the earth. The Bija Mantra is LAM. The Goddess Tara strengthens the qualities of this chakra. Like Brahma is the creator. Sandalwood, Rosewood, Rosemary, Cedar, Ginger, Clove, Frankincence, Myrrh. So connect with the earth every day. The seat of the Muladhara is the lowest of the 7 chakras at the end of the spine and is connected to the anus and perineum.

Breathing affects the nervous system. Therefore Pranayama techniques help to strengthen the cardiovascular system and also to clear the mind on an energetic level, to remove blockages and to increase the energy of the prana in order to feel more joy and to be more concentrated.

From a yogic point of view, fear is associated with Prana Vayu. Prana Vayu is the energy behind the breathing system. It is the survival instinct and also the instinct that helps to overcome fears. Fear and fear of death – means Prana Vayu is not enough there or too restless. Here the focus is on holding the breath (Kumbhaka). This makes this Vayu (wind) unemployed. The task of this Vayu is to keep the breathing muscles going.The 3 phases breathing helps very well. 4 breaths inhale, 4 breaths hold, 4 breaths exhale. No holding of breath during pregnancy.

Asanas (physical postures) which are strengthening your basic confidence:Pascimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), Virabhadransana (Warriors), Vrikshasana (Tree), Ardha Matsydenrasana (Lord of the fishes, seated twisted), Janu Sirshasana (Head to Knee Pose) , Malasana (Garland Pose)

photocredit Babsi Oszvald (Malasana)



„The purpose of Yoga is to facilitate the profound inner relaxation that accompanies fearlessness. The release from fear is what finally precipitates the full flowering of love.“ -Erich Schiffmann

If you need a tailor made program for you or you have any other questions, I am here for you to make your way to joy easier. Get in Touch!

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah

Much love your way,


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Freedom is your Birthright


  |  Ulrike Manhart

Wo würdest du mit deinen Flügeln hinfliegen wenn du überall hinkönntest? Mach sie mal groß & weit, putz sie durch, vielleicht musst du deinen Staub nach diesen Wochen abschütteln und sie neu ausbreiten?

Was ist Freiheit?

Easy said: Freiheit ist keinen äußeren und inneren Zwängen folgen zu müssen. Willkürfreiheit: Frei ist, wer tun kann, was er will, und daran von anderen nicht gehindert wird.

Immanuel Kant sagt: “Von seiner Vernunft in allen Stücken öffentlich Gebrauch zu machen.”

„Wer sich den Gesetzen nicht fügen will, muss die Gegend verlassen, wo sie gelten.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Kaivalya – der Weg in die Freiheit im yogischen Verständnis

Bedeutet wörtlich „Isoliertheit bzw. All-ein-Sein“, wird aber meistens mit Freiheit oder Losgelöstheit übersetzt.

Feuersteins Interpretation: All-ein-Sein, im Sinne der Verwirklichung des transzendenten Selbst (purusha), der ewigen Essenz des menschlichen Wesens, jenseits der ständigen Veränderungen unterworfenen Dimensionen des Kosmos. Tatsächlich ist Kaivalya ja auch Verschmelzung, nämlich die mit dem Purusha. Dann „ruht der Sehende in seiner Wesensidentität“. In diesem außergewöhnlichen Zustand herrscht nichts außer einem intensiven Bewusstsein dessen, was ist, innerlich und äußerlich, von Augenblick zu Augenblick. Nur in einen solchen inneren Zustand wird die Schau der Wahrheit oder Wirklichkeit möglich. Die Freiheit des Kaivalya besteht darin, dass der Mensch sich die Freiheit nimmt, aus dem ewigen Karussell des Wählers – dem Citta Vritti – auszusteigen, Das ist Nirodah, das Sich – Verlangsamen und allmähliche zur Ruhe-Kommen des Geistes, wenn ihn keine Begierden und Abneigungen mehr antreiben. Dies ist das Ende (iti) der Disziplin des Yoga“.

Die Freiheit im Jetzt

Die letzten Wochen hat uns das Thema Freiheit stark begleitet. Doch wissen wir wirklich was Freiheit bedeutet? Schätzen wir es? Jetzt garantiert! Ahara (Nahrung) Was ist deine Nahrung in dieser Zeit? Die Freiheit ist ein Kind der Liebe.


Für mich persönlich ist dieses Thema seit frühester Kindheit mein treuester Begleiter. Pipi Langstrumpf par Excellence. Von wegen: Ich mach mir die Welt wie sie mir gefällt. Jeder der mich näher kennt, weiß das ich eine Rebellin bin und es nicht mag mit der Masse zu schwimmen oder nach irgendwelchen Regeln zu leben, sowie meine eigene innere Wahrheit & meine Werte zu untergraben. Meine Eltern hatten es auch nicht leicht mit mir by the way. Und mein Freigeist stieß auf sehr viel Zweifel. 99,1 % meiner Ideen wurden in Frage gestellt. Trotzdem bin ich mir dankbar, dass die kleine bockige Stierfrau stets auf das Pochen ihres freien Herzes gehört hat und ich alles durchgezogen habe was ich mir in den Kopf gesetzt hatte. Die “Was wäre wenn” Frage möchte ich mir in den letzten Tagen meines Erdenlebens nicht stellen. Ich weiß wie gesegnet ich bin für die Wahl wann und wo ich mich auf die Erde begeben habe. Es gibt heute auch ohne Lockdown Milliarden Wesen die diese Freiheit noch nie erspürt haben. Weder Mensch, noch Tier.

Passend zum Lockdown seit 13. März berührt mich dieses Thema zutiefst. Menschenrechtlich und alles was da noch so mitschwingen wird. Ich mag jetzt auch gar keine Meinungen oder Gedanken zum Covid 19 Krönchen hier aufsetzen. Das Bier genieß ich mehr. Jedoch sollte es zu Zwangsimpfungen, oder massiven Reiseeinschränkungen kommen. (Mann, ich bin ein Gypsy) dann plädiere ich doch auf Hirn & Herz der Masse. Wobei ich mir zutiefst bewusst bin welch “Peanuts” dies sind zum eigentlichen Rattenschwanz, den dieser Zustand hinter sich herziehen wird. Gutes sowie herausforderndes. Für viele Existenzen weltweit und die globale Wirtschaft. Ein endloser Weg in Ungewissheit zu versinken. Let’s focus on the good. 

Hier ist ein Textauszug von den Lehren von Swami Sivananda zum Thema Freiheit der Kraft gibt:

„Freedom is your birthright. Freedom is immortality. Freedom is knowledge, peace and bliss. Consciously or unconsciously, wittingly or unwittingly, everyone is trying to find this freedom, whether it is nations fighting on the battlefield or a thief after freedom from want. Every movement of your feet is towards freedom. There is an innate urge in everyone to become independent. No one likes to be guided by the wishes of others. You have such a feeling and desire because you are the immortal soul, or atman, which has no rival, which is the inner ruler, which is the support for the whole universe. In reality, you are this atman. In every heart there is the desire for freedom, this all-consuming passion for liberty. Freedom is the very nature of the eternally free soul. Freedom is an attribute of the soul. It is born with you. No force, no known human device, can suppress that desire. Freedom’s flame is ever burning bright. Moksha, or freedom, is the ultimate goal. People have become a slave of the body, senses, mind, creature comforts, food and fashion. Freedom is liberation from the thraldom of mind and matter. Liberty of speech is not freedom. Liberty of thought is not freedom. To move about aimlessly is not freedom. To do just as one likes is not freedom. To have plenty is not freedom. To have a comfortable living is not freedom. To possess immense wealth is not freedom. To conquer nations is not freedom. To shirk responsibility is not freedom. To renounce the world is not freedom. Material independence will not give you perfect happiness. Bread and jam cannot give you real happiness. These little things of the world cannot give you eternal joy. Real freedom is freedom from birth and death, freedom from the bonds of karma, freedom from attachment to the body, etc., freedom from egoism and desires, freedom from thoughts, likes and dislikes, freedom from lust, anger, greed, etc. Real freedom is identification with the supreme Self. Real freedom is merging in the Absolute. Freedom is in detachment, in desirelessness, in mindlessness. Eradication and extinction of desires lead to the sublime state of supreme bliss and perfect freedom. You have created your own bondage through your desires, attachments, egoism and cravings; and you cry for emancipation. Attachment is the most powerful weapon of maya. You would never come into this world if you had no attachments. The first attachment starts with the physical body. Then all other attachments crop up. The identification of the Self with the body is extended to those who are connected with the body, such as, wife, son, house, father, mother, sister, etc., and cares increase a hundredfold. You will have to take care of all these people. There is absolutely no end to these cares and worries. Just as the silkworm and the spider create a web for their own destruction out of their own saliva, so also man creates these cares and worries for his own destruction out of his own ignorance.“

Was bedeutet Freiheit in der Yogapraxis?

Für mich als Lehrerin bedeutet es aus all meinem Erfahrungen und meinem Wissen zu schöpfen, Yogastile, Therapie- & Philsophiewissen zu vermischen und zu verbinden. Wir sind alle einzigartig und unterschiedlich. Was für den einen funktioniert geht für den anderen überhaupt nicht. Somit noch mehr Space für Selbstwahrnehmung.

Freiheit im Yoga

Auf körperlicher, mentaler & emotionaler Ebene dort Raum zu schaffen wo es eng ist. In die Weite gehen. Durchbewegen um nicht die Funktionen zu verlieren. Trotz Ausrichtung geht es in den Asanas (Körperübungen) darum Leichtigkeit und Freude in die Bewegung zu integrieren. (Stirham-Sukham-Asanam) um den Geist zu befreien und zu öffnen. Physische Körperübungen sind „nur“ einen Vorarbeit um in Stille mit dir selbst zu Sitzen.

Oder wie BKS Iyengar in Licht fürs Leben so schön sagt:  “Versuche immer den Körper auszudehnen und auszuweiten. Ausdehnung und Ausweitung schaffen Raum, Raum bring Freiheit mit sich. Freiheit bedeutet Präzision, und Präzision ist etwas Göttliches. Aus Freiheit des Körpers entsteht die Freiheit des Geistes und dann die absolute Freiheit.”

Dein Atem, der Bindeglied zwischen Körper & Geist ist. Hier deinen Rhythmus, deinen freien Fluss zu erforschen um in der Präsenz voll und ganz anzukommen.

„Die stetige Praxis von Pranayama (Atemkontrolle) verringert Blockaden im Geist, die uns an einer klaren Wahrnehmung hindern.“ Patanjali, Yoga-Sutra 2.52.

Meditation ist ein zur Ruhe bringen des Geistes das zu einer Megafreiheit wächst. Achtsamkeit für dich und deine Selbstwahrnehmung. Das Zurückziehen deiner Sinne von der Außenwelt. Pratyahara. Raum zu schaffen um dich mit deiner wahren Essenz zu verbinden. Das schafft Freiheit auf allen Ebenen. Egal auf welcher Ebene du beginnst. Du startest einen Schneeballeffekt.



In der astralen Anatomie ist die Freiheit im Kehlkopfchakra zu Hause. Die Freiheit und Freude des Herzens braucht zu ihrem Ausdruck das Kommunkationszentrum im Kehlkopfbereich, das fünfte Chakra. Hier ist auch die starke Fähigkeit zu Hause zur eigenen Wahrheit zu stehen, der Kreativität Ausdruck zu geben und sich künstlerisch zu verwirklichen. Das Vishudda (Hals Chakra) wird mit hellblau/türkis dargestellt und steht am Stärksten mit dem Thema Freiheit in Verbindung. Es braucht diese Freiheit um Ideale und Ideen umzusetzen, die ihm vom sechsten Chakra (Ajna, 3. Auge) zufließen. So auch alle Asanas, Bhandas, Mudras, Mantras, Atemtechniken welche speziell Vishuddha aktivieren. Schulterbrücke (Sethu Bandhasana), Pflug (Halasana), Schulterstand (Sarvanagasana), Fisch (Matsyasana), Katze/Kuh (Chakravasana), Löwe (Simhasana), Jalandhara Bhanda (Kinnverschluss), Ujjayi Atmung, und vieles mehr.


Welche Hindu Gottheits Qualität verstärkt deine innere Freiheit bzw. unterstützt dich?

ADITI – die Mutter aller Götter

Aditi (Sanskrit: अदिति = “grenzenlos”) ist eine vedische Göttin im Hinduismus, die Personifizierung des Unendlichen. Sie ist die Göttin des Himmels, des Bewusstseins, der Vergangenheit, der Zukunft und der Fruchtbarkeit. Sie ist die Mutter der himmlischen Gottheiten, der Adityas, und wird als Mutter aller Götter bezeichnet. Als himmlische Mutter jeder existierenden Form und jedes existierenden Wesens, der Synthese aller Dinge, wird sie mit dem Raum (Akasha) und mit der mystischen Sprache assoziiert (Vāc). Sie kann als feminisierte Form von Brahma gesehen und mit der Ursubstanz (Mulaprakriti) im Vedanta assoziiert werden.

Sie wird im Rigveda fast 80 Mal erwähnt.
 Der Vers “Daksha entsprang aus Aditi und Aditi aus Daksha” wird von Theosophen als ein Hinweis auf “die ewige zyklische Wiedergeburt derselben göttlichen Essenz” und göttliche Weisheit gesehen.

Aditi bedeutet Freiheit. Der Name Aditi enthält die Wurzel “da” (binden oder fesseln) und deutet auf ein weiteres Attribut ihres Charakters hin. Als A-diti ist sie eine ungebundene, freie Seele, und aus den Hymnen an sie geht hervor, dass sie oft dazu aufgerufen wird, den Bittsteller von verschiedenen Hindernissen, insbesondere von Sünde und Krankheit, zu befreien. Man nennt sie die Unterstützerin der Geschöpfe.

Ein Mantra welches für mich viel Freiheit gechantet, geschrieben oder gesungen zaubert: 

Bija Mantra 7 Chakras

Lam Múládhára 
Vam Swádhisthána
Ram Manipura
Yam Anáhata
Ham Vishuddhi
Om Ágnya
Aum Sahásrara

Hier gehts zu zwei Versionen davon. Enjoy =)
zum Youtube Link 1
zum Youtube Link 2

“Mögen ALLE Wesen in ALLEN Welten glücklich und frei sein, und möge ich zu diesem Glück und dieser Freiheit für alle beitragen!”



Picture copyright Art Maggie Vandewalle

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Choose – Allow – Walk your Path

Choose – Allow – Walk your Path

  |  Ulrike Manhart

….. and Stillness – Dharma – Yoga Practice

What about your seeds that you sowed this year? There are still some weeks left to reflect. Could you reap something this autumn? What have you chosen?

Choose nourishing Resources Moment to Moment. Choosing moment to moment to connect to healthy resources requires commitment, courage, and kindness, it provides you with a steady foundation and a deep sense of inner peace.

Allowing stillness.

This year, I say it was a SUPERBUSY 2019.  Wow! And I was so worried about this Busy. And I feel that all my close field around me say that they were busy too. We are encouraged to be busy. At work, at home, in relationships and even on vacation. Who is the busiest ….. ??? That’s daily part of communication. It has switched from the weather to the busy topic. Is it perhaps a sign to feel against feelings? We are running against the fact of being human …. Feeling emotions. To be feeling beings. To embrace our shadows and darkness? Observe, reflect, live in joy and in a more relaxed way.

Can we be quiet? Can we jump out of the busy hamster wheel and head for the journey to silence? Can we sit in peace and observe our thoughts? Emotions? Listen to our wise bodies? Let us give ourselves space to let our souls speak.

This is the true journey of yoga. Asana practice came long after. We started to meditate. But couldn’t sit so Asana came into the play to strengthen our soul´s temple. To go into the inner silence that allows us to hear our true self with our deepest needs and maybe to quiet our „Mind fuck“ for just a moment. To let the thoughts (Vrittis (Jala/ Water)) become quiet that we are able to look on the ground of the lake. Dive deeper in our unconsciousness to see our consciousness arise.

These days are dedicated to more silence. I lay down my arms gently on my lap and close my eyes. The days are getting darker and invite us to digest our summer experiences and draw our senses inwards. Pratyahara.

And why is that connected with Dharma?

What is personal dharma? Your personal dharma is the path you follow toward the highest expression of your own nature and toward the fulfillment of your responsibilities to yourself, to others, to your society, and to the planet. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna often speaks of dharma as something inborn, a life calling that each of us has been given and from which we depart at our peril. But he also uses the word to mean right action, and for most of us, personal dharma comes down to that most basic question: What is the right thing for me to do now? Or, given my nature, my skills, and my personal preferences, what actions should I take to support the greater good?

The Universe says: „Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen. „ -Klaus Joehle

Give your Dharma or call this moment through stillness talk to you. You don’t know yours? It will come in the right moment. Trust, Trust and trust a little bit more…..

Hear it – feel it and GO FOR IT.

Nothing can happen except that you reach an awesome level of freedom, happiness, fulfillment and ecstasy. Take the leap. It is to overcome your fears. Too many people are not living their dreams because are living their Fears. Face your fears, live your Dreams.

Write them down and come up with a solution.

Release the Fear – and do the action anyway

Surround yourself with the dreamers and believers.

And as well with those who encourage you to live your full potential.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. We have reached the level we know that we attract exactly the things we fear. Prana (lifeforce) flows where attention goes. Connect back with your Dreams. With your inner paradise that lifts you up. Nourishment on all levels.

Walk your path.

What would it feel to create a shift in your life? To flip the script and focus your thoughts (creation power) to the things and outcomes you would love to see and feel in your life instead of the things you don’t want? Raise your energy and clean up your inner world through the practice of SAUCHA. Yoga Asana cleans the inner world. And your outer world is a mostly a reflection of your inner world. You know where to start.

Through your intuition, visions, dreams, sensations and signals that you pick up through all of your senses, in order to walk the path that you should want to walk. We have a mission here and now and when we ignore this, we also ignore our highest potential and the potential learner and love and the uplift of oneself and the world.

HARI OM TAT SAT – Amor y luz,


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Let go – Let be

Let Go – Let Be

  |  Ulrike Manhart

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”—Pema Chödrön

Definition, Mantras, Meditation, Koshas, Pranidhanat, Gayatri and Lakshmi and how „Let go-let be-creating space“ can affect our physical Yoga Practice and Life.

In my last blog I have teased to this topic: How to let go of toxic habits and realtionships?

The emotional Layer – Manomaya Kosha (mental-emotional Layer) of your Astral Body

Define What You Need to Let Go Of.

This is very important. What is it that you need to let go of to move on? You may be ready to let go of a man that you know isn’t the one for you, but you still struggle with your decision because of the love you feel. What you should do is to look at it like an onion — feelings are layers that must be removed to get to the core. What was the top layer?

The first layer might be anger. Perhaps anger at your man and how he treated you. Or maybe anger with yourself for wasting time on him. You have to deal with your issues and let them go, separating them out one by one. By examining each layer of the onion, you’ll be able to peel back and discard one layer of emotion at a time which leaves you with the one piece that you want to hold on to; one that won’t hold you back from moving on. It’s the final piece you can carry in your heart going forward.

Sit and feel everything what needs to be felt.

What´s left when the onion is peeled?

Who is peeling the onion?

We all have our very personal reasons why we can’t let go.  How are you feeling when you transcend letting go/getting rid of something into LET IT BE?

1,2,3,4 „Sing“ When I find myself in times of troubles Mother Mary comes to me……speaking words of wisdom….LET IT BE…..Can you feel a shift when you switch your inner tension from let go to let be mode?

Acceptance….is that the entry to your paradise where lightness is your natural conscious state of mind?

LIGHTNESS. You feel light or you can also see the light. Connect with light on all levels to raise your vibration. The Gayatri Mantra was my first mantra I have learnt to chant and it´s still one of my favorite ones. My personal Highway to Divinity and Connection to Light.

„The Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra is a prayer for the enlightenment of all beings that illuminates the seven chakras and blesses the seven realms, from the earth plane to the abode of supreme truth.

Om bhu (first chakra/ earth plane)
Om bhuvaha (second chakra/ atmospheric plane)
Om swaha (third chakra/ solar region)
Om maha (fourth chakra/ first spiritual region beyond the sun: heart vibration)
Om janaha (fifth chakra/ second spiritual region beyond the sun: power of the divine spiritual word)
Om tapaha (sixth chakra/ third spiritual region beyond the sun: sphere of the progenitors/ realm of the highest spiritual understanding while still identified with individual existence)
Om satyam (seventh chakra/ the abode of supreme truth: absorption into the supreme)
Om tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat

“Meditating upon the adorable, enchanting and radiant source of all things (spheres of consciousness), we awaken to the divine light of pure consciousness.“ -Gayatri Mantra description from Deva Premal

Try This Practice for Making Space

“Take a moment to gather yourself here. Let your body land on the ground. Let your breath arrive in your body. Let your mind rest on your breath in your body. Here, now. Welcome the breath with a receptive belly. Your breath will gently unravel the tension it meets. Your breath will tenderly expand you inside. Allow your breath to unwind you, unfurl you. Let yourself be opened by your breath. Allow your breath to rise and fall. Let it flow in and out of you, on its own, softening everything in its path. Expanding you. You’re bigger than you think you are.“-Adapted from the book, Deep Listening, by Jillian Pransky. Reprinted with permission from Rodale.

Let Go – Let be in our Yoga Practice – Annamaya Kosha – forming Sthula Sharira (physical Body)

The power of letting go plays an important role in the Yoga practice. The hamstrings and forward folds are poses that especially need lots of surrender and letting go. First we use Tapas. We use it to get up and practice. And by disciplining the mind to focus on the balance and the healthy alignment. Then we apply Svadhyaya, by reflecting and observing the experiences in the muscles and the body. And last we apply Ishvara Pranidhanat, by using the breath. The exhaling breath is the breath of surrender and letting go. In the end of each exhalation we pause (Kumbhaka) for a few seconds. In that pause the mind becomes quiet and fully present. It’s in that space of silence that we can truly release and let go of tensions from deep inside. I like connecting with my exhale when I encounter any resistance in a pose. I also find while in a Yoga pose at the end of each exhalation, during a brief pause, when my mind is totally quiet and present, I can connect with a deeper source within that knows pure balance, pure harmony, pure peace and pure love. So the more we give with each exhalation the more flexibility we receive. “Give and you shall receive.”

The Sanskrit word Pranidhanat means surrender, letting go, devotion. The complete Yoga Sutra, chapter II, verse 45 reads: „Samadhi Siddhir Ishvara Pranidhanat“; by total surrender to the Supreme Soul, Samadhi is attained.

Ishvara Pranidhanat adds a spiritual dimension to our yoga practice, reminding us that there is more to us than our bodies, but through our Bodies we can reach other dimensions within us.

Lakshmi Powers

Goddess Lakshmi is supporting you in letting go of the past and creating a new life. Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune and wealth. This chant is for abundance, so if you’re needing to let go or release any money blocks this would be the perfect mantra for you.

Om shreem maha Lakshmiyei namaha (chant it with your MALA 108 Times or free in your meditation as long as you feel to)

“Don’t worry about anything at all. You are not here by accident. This form is just a costume for a while. But the one who is behind the costume, this one is eternal. You must know this. If you know this and trust this, you don’t have to worry about anything. This world is so full of love. And your heart, your being, is so full of love, so full of peace. You don’t have to go to some place else to find peace. It is right where you are.”― Mooji

Om Namah Shivaya,


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Decisions & You Are Enough

Decisions & You Are Enough

  |  Ulrike Manhart

The moment you choose to be happy with nothing, you will attract everything


You are for sure familiar with Situations in your life when you are arriving on a cross section and you have to choose one way and the selection which path to take is an endless weigh of possibilities. Sometimes ago a friend asked me whether I believe if it does not matter which way we choose and still arrive at the same destination.

And at the same time another friend was telling me that it doesn‘t matter which decision you make (you will never know if there is a right or wrong decision). And then a third friend came and just told me: you know that you can always CHANGE and adjust your decision if that doesn’t feel right for you.  Take a leap and unfold. Trust that the universe providing you with everything you need to survive, grow and bloom in all directions of your life. I do not want to have questions about what if…. Never try – never know. My Libra moon is sometimes unable to make decisions. I find it also more difficult to decide when others are included – like my son. It shines light of areas inside that can need some development in my indecision behavior.

Or simply ask yourself. Is that true? Is that necessary? Is it kind? Trust your intuition. Close your eyes and meditate before you decide. Center yourself and listen to your heart´s answer to move braveful forward on your unique path of life. No Decision is also a decision but life will lead you to a decision when you decide even not to decide. Hopefully I can take out some pressure and stress when you are in a moment you feel unable to decide. Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy.

You are enough

As a Master in Media Technology and as a Yoga Teacher I try to close the gap between the Tools of Media & the Tools of Yoga. Or better said I connect my wisdom of both.

Media is telling you with every word, picture, advertisement you take in: You have not enough and you are not enough.

Why? To buy the products of course. Everything must be faster and the product quality is consciously with a short lifespan. Why? To sell more products. As a Yoga Teacher I can tell you that you are enough. You are a perfect wonderful creation of the Universe. What does it mean exactly? You don’t have to do more, or buy more or be more to be who you are meant to be. That is what I mean when I am saying you are enough. It doesn´t mean that you are a final product. You grow, change, transform, learn, love, fall down, stand up and surf the waves of life. You don´t have to stop following your dreams or souls purpose. It means that you understand your part in this bigger picture called universe.

It also means that you can ask for help, to embrace your imperfections, mistakes and weakness. You are enough as you are with all your love and fear, joy and sadness and all other emotions and feelings. “You are enough” gives space to grow and change and continue to show up for your life daily. It means that you must not hunt to be more worthy, valid, acceptable and loved. You are already all of these things. You are from your very Beginning on a perfect creature.

Growth gives room to whatever you want to cultivate more. More open, honest, true, authentic, free, independent, connected, international, purposeful, joyful, creative and so on. These are all expressions of “Being Enough” ready to grow. All these expressions are already in yourself. The things you are attracted to outside or in other persons (good & bad) are all already established in yourself. That´s the reason you go in resonance with it.

To close the Media-Yoga-Decision–be enough circle here.

Be honest to yourself and reflect for a moment…Are you making decisions to refill your lacks from outside? Are you fill up the lack of not feeling enough with relationships and things? How long is the lack satisfied through a new pair of shoes? How fast can you can let go of persons, things, dreams and so on? Here I can weave into the Sanskrit word Aparigraha – the fifth und last Yama on the 8 folded path of Patañjali. non-possessiveness, non-attachment or non-greediness. It teaches one should take only what one needs. Or in the context of a yoga class it means to acceptance of what the body is capable of doing while in your practice. Parigraha is the opposite and means “the focus on material gain”. Parigraha uses the Media.

अपरिग्रहस्थैर्ये जन्मकथंतासंबोधः ॥३९॥ With constancy of aparigraha, a spiritual illumination of the how and why of motives and birth emerges. — Patanjali, Yoga Sutra 2.39

“Vairāgya (वैराग्य) is a Sanskrit term translates as dispassion, detachment, or renunciation, in particular renunciation from the pains and pleasures in the temporary material world. True vairāgya refers to an internal state of mind rather than to external lifestyle and can be practiced equally well by one engaged in family life and career as it can be by a renunciate. Vairāgya does not mean suppression of or developing repulsion for material objects. By the application of vivek (spiritual discrimination or discernment) to life experience, the aspirant gradually develops a strong attraction for the inner spiritual source of fulfillment and happiness and limited attachments fall away naturally. Balance is maintained between the inner spiritual state and one’s external life through the practice of seeing all limited entities as expressions of the one Cosmic Consciousness or Brahman. “ (Yoga Wiki)

What does it mean? Some questions you can ask yourself to reflect. Who was telling you the fairytale that you can fulfill all your needs with outside objects? Is it wise to step into a relationship out of a lack? Are you in such a relationship or have you been? How are you cultivating the Balance between your inner & external life? Could it be when you start to developing more your internal work that your outside world become more abundant as well? How does it feel when you are closing your eyes and you say to yourself ten times: I AM ENOUGH?

Next time I will follow up of how to let go of toxic things and relationships in your life, what costs your inner peace and happiness … well of how you can cultivate more inner happiness and fulfilment. And strengthen your connection to your own inner spiritual source.

One of my most favorite Quotes from Swami Satchidananda resonates deeply with me:“A wise person will never expect joy from the outside world or by contact with outside objects. The truth is, joy can never come from outside. Even if it seems to be coming from outside, it’s only a reflection of your own inner happiness.”



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Seeds & Sankalpa

Seeds & Sankalpa

  |  Ulrike Manhart

“Be mindful of intention, Intention is the seed that creates our future.”
-Jack Kornfield

Springtime is Seedtime

Sankalpa time – it is time to set intentions. We get rid of all the Kapha (Water) in our Bodies – Create new room and we can start to nourish our dreams and visions for the year. The seasonal energy supports us. Have u already planted a seed that are you nourishing daily? Seeds need a good soil, water and light to grow. Your dreams too. So everyday ask yourself which steps did I took to nourish my seed today? And why are you wishing that your dream will come true what you crave to be manifested? What´s the intention behind? One of my teachers said: When you can have it in your mind – you can hold it in your hands. Good luck for your own inner and outer garden.

Happy Gardening & Growth,


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