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Why and what is it?

Discover the hidden treasures of your ancestors with an Ancestral Akashic Records Reading. Dive into the deep wisdom and experiences of your ancestors to receive clarity, healing and spiritual guidance, peace closure and liberation. Book your reading and open gateways to a rich legacy of knowledge and connection that you carry within you. Energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and cellularly. We turn the DNA and bring change that you clear the path for all who came before you and for all who come after you.

Transgenerational transmission (also known as transgenerationality or (trauma) transmission) refers to the transfer of experiences from members of one generation to members of a subsequent generation, which is usually an unintentional, often unconscious and often unintentional process. Just as heirlooms are passed on from generation to generation, this also happens on many other levels, which has been the subject of increasing scientific research.

Transgenerational epigenetics has discovered that we can pass on our lifestyle to further generations. This means that traumas that have not been dealt with by one generation can also be passed on. The great thing, however, is that we can reverse these epigenetic patterns in ourselves if they have a negative effect. If we decide to shape our lifestyle in a positive way, we are not only doing it for ourselves, but also for future generations.

We can perpetuate the karmic “debt” of our ancestors, and no matter how much personal healing we do, if we as a collective do not address the family patterns, we are likely to continue the same and create more of the same.

Traumas such as poverty fear, hunger, war, crime, rape, depression, sadness, grief, worry, shame, guilt, anger, rage, even revenge, manifest as physiological & psychological disorders, energetic blockages, imbalances, disease, misalignment and physical pain.

Karmic guilt is first inherited through our immediate family members, genetically and through learned behaviors because they are our first role models who shape us and our behavior and we carry it in our genes up to 14 generations before us.

Here are just some of the symptoms that can result from inherited emotional/mental wounds:

Inherited genetic diseases, addictions, depression, anxiety, abandonment fears and anxiety, Negative thinking patterns, fears and phobias, PTSD/ CPTSD, Unexplained behaviors, pattern repetition, lack of success, relationship issues, trust issues, instability, diffuse guilt, money issues and much more.

Emotional imprinting begins at conception

When we are conceived, we inherit both our mother’s and our father’s consciousness or, in other words, their emotional state at the moment of our conception, be it their emotional wounds or their emotional well-being and wisdom. In this way, we learn at the soul level – at an emotional level.

This means that whatever your parents have not healed within themselves is automatically emotionally transmitted and imprinted into your consciousness, whether you are aware of it or not. This is an emotional transfer that takes place from their consciousness to yours – this is how we inherit our parents’ emotional “wounds” as an “emotional imprint”, so to speak.

According to the latest studies, we are already in our grandmother’s uterus. One explanation for the multigenerational model beyond the parents is as follows:

In the womb, as the embryo slowly grows, environmental factors influence three generations simultaneously:
1. the mother,
2. the embryo and
3. the embryo’s germ cells.

To be precise, this means that even we still have characteristics that can be traced back to environmental influences when our mother was still growing as an embryo in our grandmother’s womb.

How are patterns and traumas passed on?

  • Emotional body imprints
  • Beliefs and behavioral patterns
  • DNA transmission
  • Genetics and via the cultural environment
  • Social behavior patterns.

There are many different ancestral programs that keep us small & stuck. Ancestral programs like Persecution, Scarcity, Fear, Failure, Poverty consciousness etc. that limit us in our being for expansion and growth.

In this type of healing work, the focus is on empowerment and clarifying the two lines of father & mother so that you can experience a healthy relationship with your masculine and feminine parts. This is crucial for shaping your life and everything you create, attract, receive, give and you live. Your reality is based on it.

The ancestral Akashic Readings are a powerful tool to recognize and change programs and patterns on a physical, mental and emotional level. It brings you a lot of clarity about yourself and family dynamics.

It contains even more power when we go into the whole Akashic reading, as mostly cellular experiences of your ancestors, your experiences and experiences from this life and from previous lives interact.

What & how?

The Ancestral Akashic Records Reading and additional deep clearing & healing work with guided time for integration is a powerful healing Tool for Liberation.

Liberation for yourself and the whole family line behind and before you.

The DNA Restructuring with your highest timeline and activating your divine manifestations through embodiment and deep relief and clarity. Freedom from genetic trauma programms & experiences on a profound level. 

  • In my personal healing work, that was one of my tools to answer long life questions and let my final healing happen. It helped me massively to rest in my center now and gave me and still gives me understanding.

    Sometimes the core wounds are hidden in a very unexpected way and in the soul records of your family resides the secret gem.

    A very delicate healing Work and Breakthrough that psychotherapy, yoga, bodywork and other techniques and therapies couldn’t reach. I say the missing piece of the puzzle to me that lead me to change and acceptance.

  • How you shift?

    Ask me – I am happy to assist you to activate your divine true potential for your highest purpose.
    Let us dive deeper – let’s bring some light into the darkness to spread more light of you in this world!

How do you book an Akashic Reading and what is the exact Procedure?

  • You book a session and give me your name, birthday, place and time.
  • You give me your intention why you want to step into the work, the more precise the better
  • I do the reading
  • I will send you a voice message of the reading, you can listen to it until you are ready for the clearing & healing.
  • Then we will meet online to discuss open questions. I do the Remote Healing & Clearing with you.
  • After that, there are usually 3-4 weeks daily 10-15 min. Follow up work for you to do. It is deep.

For you it is 1h for the healing & clearing and for one month daily dedication for 10-15 min after our work. For me it is around 3-4h all in all and I am holding you the space for during your integration phase.

Exchange: 182 Euros plus 21%IVA = 220 Euros

Send me a message, via mail [email protected]

Transfer money via Paypal or bank transfer (I can send you the options)

I am very excited to meet you to guide you into your own sacred magic and bring deep peace and understanding int your life.

Join the inside – move the insight!

What others say about the Akashic Reading Experience…..

  • Maria Diehn

    Akashic Records Reading

    Receiving an Akashic Records Reading from Uma Healing was an incredibly profound experience. Her insights into my past life connections clarified many aspects of the puzzle in my personal journey. The clearing session that followed was deeply impactful, and I am immensely grateful for the clarity and healing that Uma´s Healing´s work has brought me.

  • Irene Magdalena Alisjahbana

    Akashic Records Reading

    A very special friend who understand all of me and where I am in my spiritual awakening, recommended I do an Akashic Reading to delve deeper into the sout to break cyclical habit patterns, clear lineages that do not serve me any longer, turn pains into wings so that I could strengthen my mind, body and spirit especially to push boundaries in my endurance sport. She highly recommended me Ulli who she admires and respects so much. The records reading were a shocking revelation. It was a lot to take in but it also explained so many things and brought a lot of connections. It cleared a lot of things attached to me which I´ve been carrying for so long. It is giving me a clear direction how to make space to download a new me and achieve that pure joy, immense love, freedom and peace we all strive for. Thank you so much Ulli for holding my hand and guiding me so gently, lovingly and compassionately into this tough inner work.

  • Emma Nuata

    Akashic Records Reading

    My Akashic Reading was mind blowing. I could not believe how much I resonated with everything Ulli shared with me. Really deep and big parts of my life unravelled and freed from me! After the clearing was a big shift and continues to be so, months later. Incredibly insightful and formative for my onward spirital journey.

  • Greet Borremans

    Akashic Records Reading

    Dear Ulli, I feel so much gratitude. I am so happy I followed my intuition when booking the reading. I didn´t hesitat, no listening to the voice in my head, just following my instinct that this reading with you was just my path.

    There is so much recognition, confirmation, a feeling of coming home, filling in the blanks, missing puzzle pieces. Also hope, trust, wonder and also a deep sadness, tears, pain, a lump in the throat all the time a clear image what came up and stayed with me, I see her and I feel her. My body reacts strongly and also many signs came up like the rose tea I had while listening. I’ll let you know when ready, for now I want to listen again and again.

  • Sonja Z.

    Soul Guidance Session

    Hallo Ulli! Ich möchte mich nochmal ganz herzlich für die Session bedanken. Ich hab mich in sovielen Dingen wieder gefunden. Wahnsinnig spannend und sehr berührend. Danke.

  • Claudia O.

    Akashic Records Reading
    Liebe Ulli, ein paar Worte und Eindrücke von meiner Erfahrung meines Akashic Reading…
    Für mich war das relativ schnell klar da, das zu machen…du hast es auch sehr gut auf deiner Homepage beschrieben,sodass man sich gut was darunter vorstellen kann …
    Was dann aber dabei rausgekommen ist, hat selbst meine Vorstellungen gesprengt und zwar im positiven Sinne…es macht bestimmt auch einen Unterschied wie sehr man sich drauf einlässt und zulässt in seine Seelenerfahrungen blicken zu lassen, für mich zu dem Zeitpunkt des Entschlusses vollkommen offen für alles…
    Ich habe vieles erfahren, wo ich in diesem Leben die bis dato unerklärlichen Situation und Begebenheiten verstanden habe, es macht alles Sinn so wie ich meine Lebenserfahrung bis zum heutigen Tag erlebt habe…
    Man fühlt gleichzeitig Erleichterung, Traurigkeit, Klarheit und dann auch wiederum Glück weil sich alles zu einem Bild fügt…
    Es ist eine Reise zu Dir und deinem Wesen, deiner Seelenerfahrung für die wir uns entschieden haben…
    Für mich war das ein wertvolles und hilfreiches Geschenk in meinem Seelenplan gelesen zu haben…
    Dankbar für die Art und Weise und Unterstützung, die ich durch Dich bekommen habe, wird sich mein Lebenssetzung diesem Leben verändern und neu gestalten…
    Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen, diese Reise zu sich selbst mit einem Akasha Reading zu tun…
    Danke Ulli, von Herzen für all Deinen Einsatz ✨🙏🏻
  • Gemma Kingsbury

    Akashic Records Reading

    I know of quite a few people doing Akashic Readings but I was guided to Ulli and I understood why after. She really reads the records with such respect and with such an ethical authenticity. For me it was absolutely life changing to listen to her reading. It has made my path so much clearer and given me a real understanding of who I am, what I need, and where to go next. I found the clearing decrees afterwards hard yet so so powerful for healing and cleansing. She gives a depth of sel knowledge that is ver hard to find elsewhere, from soul origin and location to past lives and ancestral teachings…wow. I will be recommending this gift of self love to everyone I meet for the rest of my life! Thank you so much Ulli.

  • P. Anonyma (Business)

    Business Clearing

    Ulli, I wish I could pay you bakc in years of love and light for all you did today. And I mean it with all my heart. This is invaluable. Know that what you doing for us right now is beyond what a human could ever ask for from the Universe to support us in going through fire without bruning, but just taking the light with us! No words can describe the deep gratitude in my heart. Thank you -again and again and forever.

  • Paymon (USA)

    Akashic Records Reading

    Thank you so much Ulli, that was very powerful and emotional for me. There was a lot of things that resonated and that I felt deeply. And there is a lot for me to digest and I think I have to sit with this for a little bit of time before I´m ready for the next step. I´m very grateful for your help and support and I´m sure I will have some questions as I spend more time with ths reading. Lots of love. Thank you.

  • Amanda Butler

    Akashic Records Reading

    Thank you once again Ulli. Such a huge amount of information. I truly appreciate and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your magical and very special gift to me. So much unfolding in my Life at present it´s quite incredible and I thank you for assisting this transformation. <3

  • Stefanie Apuri

    Akashic Records Reading

    The Akashic Reading with Ulli. Pieces of the puzzle are coming together I am getting closer to my soul, my True I, and I am experiencing myself in a completely new way. It feels free. The process of clearing and healing is profound and powerful. A peaceful feeling of well-being spreads within me. Thank you, Ulli, for your empathic guidance.

  • Anna

    Yoga & Akashic Reading
    This woman touched my “5D” heart! (Which I was only allowed to discover through Ulli;)
    Every time I had the opportunity to participate in your “sessions” I learned something about myself and my “inner cosmos/hyperspace”. You lovingly show how to open the heart wide, wide, wide and create a relaxed, “safe space” for it. Your positive, mindful, intuitive way of sharing your knowledge and skills makes it so easy to open yourself to accept all your input with confidence. It took me a long time to find someone who could show me tools on my inner path to help me heal myself, you have exactly these tools for me. I love your honest, selfless, humorous way, which helps me to allow all that one can learn with you!
    With you I always have the feeling that you have one foot in the future instead of the past like many people.
    I can only heartily recommend everyone to join Ulli’s sessions, seminars, healings, etc…!

    Akashic Records Reading

    Powerful and opening for renewal. Be able to breathe freely… The field is freer. In addition to my shamanic spirit guides, I have also perceived the guides of my higher self and they also come to help. THANK YOU – what a process and progress the Akashic Records Reading, Healing & Clearing was.

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