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ANTAHKARANA in Yoga & the Akashic Field

  |  Ulrike Manhart

“The body is your physical instrument for living in the external world. Your mind or internal instrument is antah-karana. The antahkarana has four faculties that function in the interior world: manas (active mind), chitta (subconscious; storehouse or reservoir of subtle impressions or samskaras), buddhi (intellect), and ahamkara (ego, the sense of “I-am-ness” or individuality). Manas has five subtle senses and five gross senses to experience the external world—the world of objects. Coordinating the four faculties requires real effort and makes the mind creative, useful, and productive.”~ The Essence of Spiritual Life

In Vedāntic literature, this antahkaraṇa (internal organ) is organised into four parts:
Ahamkāra (ego) – identifies the Atman (self) with the body as ‘I’
Buddhi (intellect) – controls decision making
Manas (mind) – controls sankalpa (will or resolution/intention)
Chitta (memory) – deals with remembering and forgetting”

Antahkarana represents a whole philosophical concept. It refers to the deep levels of the mind, ego, and emotions. It’s about how we can transcend them and how we can grow from a spiritual perspective.

What does Antahkarana mean & where does it coming from?

Antahkarana as a symbol and Antahkarana as a Channel or Channels

The word Antahkarana originates in Sanskrit – Antar means “interior”, or “within”, and Karana means “sense”, or “organ”. It is used in Reiki, Feng Shui and I use it in my Akashic Field work.
To me it is part of our astral anatomy. Connecting the physical body with our higher soul body. It is a very effective healing Tool during Meditations as symbol.

Origin: not sure but first scriptures from
Tibeatian China Buddhism for 1000 years –
Used for Healing & practicing Meditation

Many say the symbol originated in Tibet. The Antahkarana symbol creates an energy that has a direct effect on the human aura. Activating chakra points in various ways. Yantra meditation for instance uses visual images to reach the consciousness. The Antahkarana is a very ancient healing and meditation symbol that has been used in China and Tibet for thousands of years. Today, it is a widely known symbol which those who use it claim has a consciousness of its own.

It is connecting our physical being with our higher self.

The Taoists say this symbol the great microcosmic orbit. Psychic Energies enter via the crown and via the feet. This is the flow that contains endless energy to the chakras. Helps to tune our energetic & spiritual bodies. It is also used to neutralize energy. It is multidimensional.
The symbol it starts to move from 3 seven numbers on a flat surface into a 3d cube. This 7 represents the 7 chakras, 7 tones of the musical scale. 7 colors. Like the Yantras. It transmits energy and transformation.

The Tibetan said that this symbol was first given to beings over 100.000 years ago in Lemurian Times. It is being brought to us now stronger to re-establish our connection with our higher self.

Antahkarana Feminine (yin) – Antahkarana Masculine (yang)

Benefits of the Antahkarana?

Antahkarana symbols will be cleansed of negative energy. Placing male and female versions of the symbol on a wall will generate the power to neutralize every kind of negative energy.
The Antahkarana symbol will also neutralize negative energy that may have collected in items such as jewellery or crystals simply by placing the object between two symbols.. Just lying down on the symbols for three minutes will reverse the body’s magnetic poles, instantly rebalancing the chakra points. Or you can use it to to purify your water.

Antahkarana in the Akashic Field Work

It is also called the Sacred or Rainbow Bridge – the life Thread

This is a short excerpt from my Akashic Field Training of my Teacher Mia Renner – Akashic Ascension Academy:

The Higher Divine, or Spiritual, Channel – an energetic umbilical chord connecting us
to Divine Source. (some call this the God-spark or Life Thread).
There are 3 channels or substructures of the Antahkarana;

The Primary Antahkarana – known as the Life Thread, is present in all humans, and is
seated at the higher heart chakra and is how we receive our vital force from divine source.

This energy enters into the lungs and the heart and is assimilated throughout the body via
the chakra energy centers, through the energy channels (meridians or nadis) into the
physical body systems, bones/blood/organs/cells.
We create blockages within our higher energy body channels with our thoughts, words,
feelings, emotions & actions, & consumption of toxic products.
When this channel is blocked, we may experience dis-ease, physically, mentally,
emotionally, feel ill, fatigued, depleted, run down, as our body is not receiving 100%
vital force energy, & if left untreated, may lead to more serious illness or disease.
It may also present as a block to understanding our soul role/purpose and abilities.

The Secondary Antahkarana – known as the Consciousness Thread, is present only
in those who are on a spiritual path & participating in spiritual practices.
It is ‘constructed’ over time with personal development & awareness.
This channel is the connection from the Higher mind – Soul intelligence, to the Lower
mind, the physical, or personality.
It connects at our crown & sits within the central brain cavity, around the pineal gland.
It is how we receive information & wisdom from our Monadic presence – our Over –
Soul, or Super – intelligence.

The Third Antahkarana – Known as the Creative Thread, is how we receive our
creative impulses & divine gifts & abilities from our Soul, or divine source.
It is seated at our throat chakra, which is our self expression & thought creativity.
When this channel is blocked, it may limit our ability to understand or access our divine
gifts, qualities & creative process.“

In the Akashic Field work, we are consciously having a look at these 3 channels. In my personal work experience with clients, Throat Chakra Blocks and 3rd Antahkarana Blocks are often connected. When we open & clear this channels our divine gifts are easier to access, and you understand your purpose and creativity starts to flow again.

Yantras in Yoga

In Yoga we use a lot of different Yantras. A yantra is a simple or complex form that serves a specific purpose and provides people with a source of supreme knowledge. Yantras are tools for meditation, mantra recitation and prayer, and help to focus on intentions and channel the energy of the universe into the body. Yantras date back to the Vedic period in India (ca. 1500-500 BC) and originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The Vedas, the sacred texts of Hinduism, were the first book to mention them.

Antahkarana & Isis Activation

I have created an Antahkarana & Isis Activation for you for free in my Memberarea. Check it out. Prepare the Symbol in front of you for it.  And why Isis?
According to Pythagoras: “13 is the most enigmatic of all numbers, as it is the number of transformation.”
Return of the Feminine. Flower of Life- 13 systems that come out of the fruit
Lunar Cycles of the Year. Death and Rebirth in the same. Flipside of the coin aspect.
6 POINTED STAR – Anahata (Heart).
Isis was a medicine keeper & magician. Stepping into wholeness. Reclaim your wisdom
The beauty in the Beast and the Beast in the Beauty. The connection to Isis – Isis is the most respected Goddess on our planet. Her teachings were spread to Asia, Europe, India. England. She is the feminine Archetype for Creation. Similar to 13. Fertiliy and Motherhood. Queen of the Throne. Coin of light and dark. These symbols got hidden. None of us can be corrupted because all of it exists beyond our 3D world. To me Isis Frequency embodies a very special & pure fragrance of creation.

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All in all, mankind always worked with symbols. From the very beginning on. Before we could write, we used them. There are so many different symbols that embody different healing frequencies and holding secret powers within.
2 days ago I have seen the sparkles on the ocean as Asian symbols. Like a very special light language or light scriptures encoded through the water. My eyes could make it visible. Still unpacking. I have closed my eyes in between and I could see a Chinese Healer doing his sacred work. It was a holy moment.

My personal connection to Antahkarana Healing Work is that there is a special moment when the channels start to open up and flow. It always brings a smile to my face because I know what expansion, growth and healing it will bring to my client.

May all the Antahkarana´s flow – open – connected to source in deep respect and love to the Divine!

Trust & Love,


Beloved – Autumn Skye

© All rights reserved by Ulrike Manhart