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Trusting the Divine Masculine and Sacred Union

  |  Ulrike Manhart

The divine feminine and divine masculine. Everyone has these two universal and inherent energies and archetypal ideals within. Most women identify with their feminine essence, and most men identify with their masculine essence. That is the essential difference between men and women that is driven by biology, evolutionary psychology, and other energetic and emotional factors based on the Archetypes.

The masculine represents our ability to make decisions, to go forward, to think and strategize, to take control, to progress and achieve, to lead and provide directions, and to be very much goal and solution-oriented. Masculine energy is fire. It’s protective, stable, purposeful, yearns to be needed and craves for prestige and purpose. The fire element´s Home is the Manipura/Solar plexus Chakra. Yellow bright light like the SUN.

The feminine represents our ability to surrender and let go, to let things happen and to be in the flow, to deeply trust and be in touch with the feelings more than with the thoughts. The feminine is interested in being more than doing. The Energy is water. It’s receptive, nurturing, creative, empathic, supportive. The water element is in the Svadhisthana Chakra – The sexual chakra – based. To me on a personal level, creationwise we are totally different. Men spread their „seeds“ with deep trust that growth will happen. Women receiving & taking care of the seed – observe the growth and giving birth.

The polarity plays

The polarity between the masculine and the feminine are always at play, and that’s what creates physical attraction and emotional connection. Women are attracted to men who are solid and secure. Who know what they want. Who can take her by the hand and claim her as his woman. Alert here: When I have expectations that others will show up for me in a certain way, I can limit their expression. I am just talking about generel plays. That would be another Blog for sure. One that is sure, unwavering in the face of danger, and strong in his ability to protect and provide. Most women do not “see” these men. They don’t “recognize” them because their vision is blurred with years of limiting beliefs about women, men and relationships. They don’t see them because they’ve been running on masculine engines for way too long, and this false sense of control and YANG lifestyle now regulates their life. Furthermore, they can’t let their guard down. They don’t know how to be intimate, connect and receive. They don’t know how to feel. And they surely don’t know how to be in their bodies and play that feminine pole that is so attractive to the masculine. And the circle of Trust and Mistrust in each other closes and opens again. First, you have to heal that sacred relationship INSIDE of YOU. Anyway, in my view we need to enjoy our role and feel respected for what we are.

Check in what are your inner man and inner women doing right now?

Roots of mistrust

From today’s point of view and mistrust in general: Yes, there are many wounds just in our Gene’s that we have enough reasons to not trust. It’s multi-layered. Perhaps even beyond our personal narrative. The answer lies deep within our DNA. It lies within our cultural conditioning. Family values. Our relationships (or lack thereof) with our parents. Societal norms. Social constructs. I would love to go here a little deeper in collective Trauma wounds. How this mistrust is anchored in my view as I observe it in the healing field and the stories that came to me to learn, grow and make sense for my clients creations. Where we can grow and unite in a divine, sacred way.
Examples of Collective Trauma we carry since birth and/or before are:

Feminine wounds.
Masculine wounds.
Mother wounds.
Father wounds.
Persecution wounds.
Patriarchy wounds.
Separation wounds.
Abandonment wounds.
Betrayal wounds.
Witch wounds and many more.

Examples that cause collective Trauma:
War, occupation, and other military conflicts.
Terrorist attacks.
Pandemics and epidemics.
Recessions and depressions.
Genocide and religious persecution.
Racial trauma, misogyny, apartheid, and class-based violence.
Mass killings.

The range of personal Trauma is endless. Let´s face it:

Pain is a fundamental part of life, and there is no escaping it. Rather than hide from pain, we should face it and transform it into something positive. Pain is inescapable, but it is up to us whether we choose to face it or not. To me, it is a Portal. A catalyst for growth and deeper healing.

Wounds exist as well on a soul level and a DNA level. We all have them. The question is how are the wounds controlling us. Are you bleeding your wounds on others?
Many women have huge trust issues in the divine Masculine. Created in this life trough bad experiences with the father, brother, lover, teacher or other masculine role players in the field. Others are created in other experiences on a soul level before this incarnation. Or just passed on from the ancestor lines.

Source Unknown

My own healing journey

In my case, it has been two massive witch wounds and an abusive experience that I have carried from my mother, that she wasn’t even conscious about because it was an early childhood development Trauma. Including my new experiences I have created in relationships in this life.  I consciously point out the dark side here. What I have attracted in my relationships with men were: Betrayal from their side because from my side no trust was given. Violent & addictive Behaviors. Mental Disorders like Borderline, manic outbursts, violence have touched my door from the outside. That was very spooky sometimes. And what all had in common was a Lack of purpose & they all had a very bad or no relationship to their fathers and I was blooming in my “work”. My choices of my partners were mostly poor ones that have lighted me this deep mistrust up. In yellow Neon color. If you know what I mean. I wanted to help. Being the therapist. I wanted to be the strong one because I loved. The whole. Bla-bla, but having a child growing up in an very unsafe home was not one second an option to me. It was a huge lesson. One Day one of my closest friends said to me. Ulli you have so much light and your light attracts a lot of darkness. And maybe you always choose somebody on your side with big problems that you don´t have to look on your stuff. Uh yeah. I loved her honesty.

On all levels, a very bad relationship to my mother. Wow, she could trigger me. My way was first to heal my divine feminine before I could even step on the other side. Better said, I was thinking it was done with the healing of the feminine, but it was not. The seed was a masculine part in the feminine line. So it was tricky and complex but found the treasure.

My healing kick-off started through a Surfboard Accident. Through a massive crash from another women’s surfboard into my right rib cage and a liver Trauma. All my anger came up in one second that was sedated my whole life. The Self Love & setting-Boundaries Teachers are the best ones. My grand final was my relationship with my son’s father. I said to myself – this is enough. After the Break-up from this relationship, I went to a Shaman healer. He touched this energetic imprint on my left side of my back. He sang and elicited it out. Standing in the fire circle, I started to cry. The pain was so strong that I could not even make a sound. And so my healing journey began. My deep mistrust came from my feminine line. I don’t go here deeper, but it was a long journey and I found the seed. And I could never ever imagine where this journey were leading me, but the fact that I had enough and made a new choice was all I had to do.

We are lucky to have nowadays amazing powerful tools to clear & heal on all levels in a second when we are making the choice to do so. Everyone has a different way and tools. In my way it was a dance of psychotherapy, re-parenting my inner child, shamanic womb healings, yoga, divine feminine teachings, Akasha/quantum field work, bodywork and other personal healing modalities. Now my inner man & my inner woman are in love and peace. My ancestral line is cleared and my relationship to my mother is healed & in peace too. She has healed through me too. And then the divine masculine knocked softly protective on my door again through so many signs & miracles to tell me it is safe to love again.

Surrender to Divine Masculine – Helena Naturaleza (

How can we break the mistrust?

We caught up in Emotions! Energy in motion. Emotion can make you believe that’s who you are. These human experiences as a consciousness are intense. We are going through an evolutionary shift in consciousness in our human body. First the Internal shift – shadow to light – illumination – evolve. Then the external shift is happening. You are giving yourself an opportunity how it is controlling you or how are you attached to it. Detaching means you are recognizing where you are in to choose differently.

The only thing that shifts us in our collective is „Feeling“. There is the potential to shift our planet. Feeling will bring us into the state of wholeness. Feeling that will bring you into your safety. Feeling that will bring you into Freedom. Evolution in Consciousness is coming back into your body. Feeling all day long without Attachment. This is the medicine for all if you ask me.

So how can we heal the mistrust?

In healing the wounds. Feeling them. Releasing it. Integration. Acceptance.
Meditation is to me a tool to just be silent and to observe. We can look deeper into your field, what is still active. And a lot of other Clearing & Healing Techniques are available to us.

And how can we women shift the dynamic out of a strong inner man?

Stop playing the man, step more into your femininity, stop taking care of everything and everyone, stop telling him what to do, practice trust that he will figure it out, focus on you and work on your beliefs around men, women and relationships. YIN Yoga practice was for me one of the most precious gifts I received, gave and still integrate into my daily life. More on it in my other Blog:

Sacred Feminine Spirituality

On the 11/11/21 I spoke out loud a crystal clear spell that I wish for this world that men & women find a peaceful & healed way to live together on this planet. DIVINE UNION. The union must first take place inside of us whispered me a voice.

I would love to share an excerpt from Adam Foley:

„The Masculine witnesses the universe; the Feminine is the universe.
The Feminine without the Masculine exists as the substance of God, but has no awareness of where or what She is. The Masculine without the Feminine stares into empty space, attempting to discover meaning without beauty; He has direction but no purpose. This energetic interplay also manifests between two people aware of the task and potential to seek God in one another. When you find where God is in the other person and witness it (Masculine), it breaks them open to that God part of themselves (Feminine). Holding our spiritual gaze on their Divine potential is the cornerstone to true Soul-to-Soul Relationship.”

Sacred Union – Viandra (

From a yogic perspective it is Samadhi. Union with the Divine. Based to the Eight-Limbed Path.
This divine union is a recapitulation of the bliss achieved by Shakti and Shiva, and in its modern day usage reflects the act of discovering the deity within by harnessing sexual energy. This sexual energy and the power of orgasm is manifested as an act of service to the Whole and is directed back into the cosmos as divine and purified love. The orgasmic state when Ida and Pingala merges in the sushumna. Ida is based on the left. Pingala Nadi (energy channels in Hindu Philo) is on the right and Sushumna is in the center. This is basic astral anatomy stuff, but there is much more happening outside the body. These are advanced teachings. We don’t have just 7 Chakras. But during this union where you can feel it when it flows is like a fountain in your head. A Thousand light points are flickering bright. Total Samadhi for a blink of an eye. The classical teachings resonate with me since I am 14 years old. My psychologist when I was 14 years old, after my father died has introduced me to the classical charka theory & omnipresence. She was a true gift.

Ida means comfort. She transports the energy to the nervous system (YIN PART). Pingala is the YANG Energy and means flow. It controls our vitality and strength. The same goes for Ida and Pingala, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine. Therefore Ida and Pingala, together with Sushumna, are the most important energy channels that we have to be aware of. Shakti and Shiva dancing the cosmic Dance. And there is a lot to add from the mystic Teachings of the Shekinah.

Shai Tubali is an amazing Teacher, and he describes „The Connection between Orgasm and Kundalini Awakening“ for 5 minutes on YouTube:



Now is the time more than ever to awaken your Feminine & Masculine Christ codes and Ascend into Divine Union within your Heart & Soul!

If you want to have a new experience, do something what you have never done. Speak your truth, and you deserve to relax and be taken care of. Stand up for yourself, take charge of your own happiness. Trusting is a choice. An intention can be as simple as, “I want to heal my relationship with men.” Universe show me how it works. And the answer will arrive! I promise! There is a nobility in being in service to others, but we should be careful where we rest our loyality.

May you feel safe and loved. It’s safe to receive! It is safe to receive! It is safe to receive. Love is safe! And so it is. Welcome the Divine Masculine back into your life. If you need guidance or support. I am honored holding that space for you.

Trust & Love,


And my deepest gratitude goes out to all energies and kind of consciousnesses that helped me on this path. AMEN & AHO!

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Beloved – Autumn Skye

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