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IBIZA 2024

Bist du bereit zum Eintauchen in diese mediterrane Finca zum Entspannen und Auftanken?

Du möchtest deinem Alltag für eine Weile entfliehen und sehnst dich nach einer kleinen Auszeit?

Ein Yoga-Wochenende ist die Gelegenheit, einen Moment innezuhalten und durchzuatmen. Du hast endlich Zeit, neue Kräfte zu sammeln und bist mit Gleichgesinnten zusammen.

Casa Wonne ist ein verstecktes privates Juwel auf der Insel des Tanzes und der Musik. Dieses Wochenende ist deine Chance, das kristallklare Meer dieser besonderen Insel zu erleben. Der Hippie-Markt, Las Dalias. Geheime Orte wie Höhlen und “Es Vedra”. Sich mit viel Liebe von gesundem vegetarischem oder veganem Essen zu ernähren. Dies ist deine kleine Auszeit von Arbeit, Familie und all deinen täglichen Aufgaben. Tiefe innere Verbundenheit mit der Insel, deiner Seele und deinem Körper. Mit viel Klarheit bereit, die nächsten Schritte zu gehen.

Gönn dir diese Zeit, um aufzutanken, loszulassen und alle Schichten und deinen Körper von innen heraus neu auszurichten und zu nähren. Tiefes Loslassen und sich entspannt fühlen. Ein ruhiges Nervensystem und viel mehr Klarheit mit verbesserter geistiger Gesundheit. Mehr Flexibilität und Kraft auf körperlicher Ebene. Ich- Zeit für Entspannung am Pool oder am Meer. Deine Zeit, um dich wieder mit der Weisheit von innen zu verbinden.

1 Platz gibt es noch, Deiner?

Ich freue mich so sehr auf dich und diese Magie <3

  • July 4th – July 7th 2024
  • Near Eivissa Town/ Ibiza Island/ Spain
  • Casa Wonne




  • More people who live from their center in harmony and peace with themselves and their world and are thus also present for others.

  • Healing & Transformation

  • People who draw from the full and love what they do

  • Conscious people who make their decisions out of love & with higher intention & purpose

  • More light, joy & movement

  • Become the version of yourself you want to be. Each small step will magically change your life. Conscious alignment, a healthy body, and mindful awareness are the keys to sustainable, long-term, and inclusive realization. Success & Happiness are then certain, inevitable

  • Join the inside – Move the insight

What others say about me….

  • Lally Molina

    Retreat Spain

    I have the pleasure to meet Ulrike Manhart during a Yoga retreat in Mallorca. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and a lovely human being. I love every minute of the retreat, her kindness, loving and caring attitude was a highlight. I highly recommend any of her retreats, workshops and yoga classes. 🙏🏻✨✨✨✨✨

  • Ramona Pfneiszl

    Retreat Mallorca

    Liebe Ulli. danke für deine besonders liebevolle & tiefgehende Art. Die Woche war für mich nourishing pur – und das Yoga war der Traum. Vor allem auch die Hintergründe und die Zusammenhänge, die du uns mitgegeben hast. Ich habe eine tiefere Verbindung zu meinem Körper erfahren und nehme ser viel aus der Woche mit. Ein Healing-Retreat auf allen Ebenen. 😀

  • Karla Ramos

    Retreat Mallorca

    This Retreat truly put me in touch with my essence even deeper. The love, peace and happiness I felt was so amazing. Ulli is a true gift for aynone who has the privilege of meeting her. The group of ladies was also beautiful, the finca and the food fantastic. Overall a wonderful experience. This trip was so important to me I feel I have quantumn leaped in my spirituality I released so much and defenitely touched my essence. Thank you Ulli

  • Marco Antonio Stipsits

    Retreat Austria

    The “Rise-High-Healing” Retreat at Haarberghof actually deserves 6 stars!
    One star for the choice of this beautiful place in a dreamlike natural environment!
    One star for the accommodation, hospitality and the hospitality with “Soul-Food-Deluxe”!
    One star for the really great and above all balanced program, which lasted from early in the morning until late in the evening!
    One star for the empathetic and understanding cooperation and the possibility to “just be yourself”.
    One star for the absolutely competent know-how in the many areas such as physiology, TCM, energy, yoga, breathing, etc.
    One star for the remarkable after-effect in the physical, mental and emotional area!

    One feels more agile, fresher, better, more refreshed!

  • Claudine Klöhn

    Personal Training 1:1 Yoga Sessions

    Ulli is simply fantastic! She understands very well to engage with her counterpart. For one week every day started with Ulli – they were wonderful days.

  • Elisabeth Müller

    Retreat Austria

    At Ulli’s yoga retreat at Haarberghof “high rise healing” I felt totally comfortable from the beginning. The lovely welcome, the beautiful courtyard, garden, flowers, herbs and fields, our “bamboo” room, all the same magic🌈The retreat was well planned and balanced in terms of rhythm. The energizing hatha in the morning and the calming yin yoga in the evening were lovingly put together. Long shavasana, beautiful music accompaniment and ulli’s beautiful voice while chanting mantras accompanied us on the path through the 4 elements. At the element 🔥 we began with a light meditation and ended the day with a view of the sunset and a campfire incl.impressive starry sky🙏 and shamanic drumming. Ulli responded to all participants individually, gave alternatives in the degree of difficulty of the asanas and aids (blocks, cushions, chairs…). We were spoiled 2 times a day with culinary delights of the Haarberghof. Brunch from kraftbrühe to freshly picked ripe tomatoes and in the evening various vegetarian surprises refined with edible flowers. 🌸🏵️🌼Much time in nature, crowned by a swimming trip to königsdorf on the day “water”, good conversations, serious, enriching and also full of lightness ❤️ and it was also enough time and space to withdraw and be for yourself. Pure relaxation and coming together, highly recommended, with great gratitude, namaste, Elisabeth 😍

  • Cornelia Sagmeister

    Yoga & Mantra
    Ulli is that fairy-kind of Person that always Seems to be lifted up a few inches off the ground- it seems like her smile gives her wings…
    And this smile, this lightness and softness she shares in her courses while at the same time she guides you gently but powerful to this deep places within to reconnect, let go and relax…
    Thank you for sharing your passion 💛
  • Jenny Scheiber

    Private Yin & regular Yoga Courses

    Ulli is a truly professional yogi who lives yoga with all her heart and soul. She has already helped me through and in many situations very much with her knowledge and support. I am grateful for every moment that I can share with her.

  • Carla Lobos


    Not only a wonderful yoga teacher but also an amazing and sensitive woman !

  • Carmen Csecsele


    Ulli, your yoga classes have been such an enrichment for me and have sent me further on my yoga path! Thank you so much for that!

  • Uta Sachsa – Gebert


    We have already met Ulli in person and practiced yoga with her. Ulli spreads a very loving warm atmosphere, leads very well, so that not only I had a great yoga practice, but also my husband has felt very well taken care of with her. (an absolute exception)

  • Viola Lörincz


    I have known Ulli for a very long time… through her I found the love for yoga and also got to know myself in a new way. Practicing yoga with Ulli is such a precious time that I don’t want to miss. I thank you dear Ulli also in this way that you exist!

  • Sabine Messerschmidt


    With her sensitive way, Ulli Manhart guides you through a yoga practice that nourishes body and mind. A sung mantra at the beginning, setting a focus, the actual movement, a text at the end, has always grounded me and given me strength.

  • Heidrun Wiserner-Stromberg


    After I was allowed to get to know Ulli in Mallorca, it was every time an additional pleasure to visit this island and participate in her yoga classes. Her sunny, warm, gentle and at the same time powerful way of teaching yoga has touched me very much and inspired me on my yoga path. It is a gift to practice yoga with her. Thank you dear Ulli.

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