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Choose – Allow – Walk your Path

  |  Ulrike Manhart

….. and Stillness – Dharma – Yoga Practice

What about your seeds that you sowed this year? There are still some weeks left to reflect. Could you reap something this autumn? What have you chosen?

Choose nourishing Resources Moment to Moment. Choosing moment to moment to connect to healthy resources requires commitment, courage, and kindness, it provides you with a steady foundation and a deep sense of inner peace.

Allowing stillness.

This year, I say it was a SUPERBUSY 2019.  Wow! And I was so worried about this Busy. And I feel that all my close field around me say that they were busy too. We are encouraged to be busy. At work, at home, in relationships and even on vacation. Who is the busiest ….. ??? That’s daily part of communication. It has switched from the weather to the busy topic. Is it perhaps a sign to feel against feelings? We are running against the fact of being human …. Feeling emotions. To be feeling beings. To embrace our shadows and darkness? Observe, reflect, live in joy and in a more relaxed way.

Can we be quiet? Can we jump out of the busy hamster wheel and head for the journey to silence? Can we sit in peace and observe our thoughts? Emotions? Listen to our wise bodies? Let us give ourselves space to let our souls speak.

This is the true journey of yoga. Asana practice came long after. We started to meditate. But couldn’t sit so Asana came into the play to strengthen our soul´s temple. To go into the inner silence that allows us to hear our true self with our deepest needs and maybe to quiet our „Mind fuck“ for just a moment. To let the thoughts (Vrittis (Jala/ Water)) become quiet that we are able to look on the ground of the lake. Dive deeper in our unconsciousness to see our consciousness arise.

These days are dedicated to more silence. I lay down my arms gently on my lap and close my eyes. The days are getting darker and invite us to digest our summer experiences and draw our senses inwards. Pratyahara.

And why is that connected with Dharma?

What is personal dharma? Your personal dharma is the path you follow toward the highest expression of your own nature and toward the fulfillment of your responsibilities to yourself, to others, to your society, and to the planet. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna often speaks of dharma as something inborn, a life calling that each of us has been given and from which we depart at our peril. But he also uses the word to mean right action, and for most of us, personal dharma comes down to that most basic question: What is the right thing for me to do now? Or, given my nature, my skills, and my personal preferences, what actions should I take to support the greater good?

The Universe says: „Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen. „ -Klaus Joehle

Give your Dharma or call this moment through stillness talk to you. You don’t know yours? It will come in the right moment. Trust, Trust and trust a little bit more…..

Hear it – feel it and GO FOR IT.

Nothing can happen except that you reach an awesome level of freedom, happiness, fulfillment and ecstasy. Take the leap. It is to overcome your fears. Too many people are not living their dreams because are living their Fears. Face your fears, live your Dreams.

Write them down and come up with a solution.

Release the Fear – and do the action anyway

Surround yourself with the dreamers and believers.

And as well with those who encourage you to live your full potential.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. We have reached the level we know that we attract exactly the things we fear. Prana (lifeforce) flows where attention goes. Connect back with your Dreams. With your inner paradise that lifts you up. Nourishment on all levels.

Walk your path.

What would it feel to create a shift in your life? To flip the script and focus your thoughts (creation power) to the things and outcomes you would love to see and feel in your life instead of the things you don’t want? Raise your energy and clean up your inner world through the practice of SAUCHA. Yoga Asana cleans the inner world. And your outer world is a mostly a reflection of your inner world. You know where to start.

Through your intuition, visions, dreams, sensations and signals that you pick up through all of your senses, in order to walk the path that you should want to walk. We have a mission here and now and when we ignore this, we also ignore our highest potential and the potential learner and love and the uplift of oneself and the world.

HARI OM TAT SAT – Amor y luz,


© All rights reserved by Ulrike Manhart