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Seeds & Sankalpa

  |  Ulrike Manhart

“Be mindful of intention, Intention is the seed that creates our future.”
-Jack Kornfield

Springtime is Seedtime

Sankalpa time – it is time to set intentions. We get rid of all the Kapha (Water) in our Bodies – Create new room and we can start to nourish our dreams and visions for the year. The seasonal energy supports us. Have u already planted a seed that are you nourishing daily? Seeds need a good soil, water and light to grow. Your dreams too. So everyday ask yourself which steps did I took to nourish my seed today? And why are you wishing that your dream will come true what you crave to be manifested? What´s the intention behind? One of my teachers said: When you can have it in your mind – you can hold it in your hands. Good luck for your own inner and outer garden.

Happy Gardening & Growth,


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