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Decisions & You Are Enough

  |  Ulrike Manhart

The moment you choose to be happy with nothing, you will attract everything


You are for sure familiar with Situations in your life when you are arriving on a cross section and you have to choose one way and the selection which path to take is an endless weigh of possibilities. Sometimes ago a friend asked me whether I believe if it does not matter which way we choose and still arrive at the same destination.

And at the same time another friend was telling me that it doesn‘t matter which decision you make (you will never know if there is a right or wrong decision). And then a third friend came and just told me: you know that you can always CHANGE and adjust your decision if that doesn’t feel right for you.  Take a leap and unfold. Trust that the universe providing you with everything you need to survive, grow and bloom in all directions of your life. I do not want to have questions about what if…. Never try – never know. My Libra moon is sometimes unable to make decisions. I find it also more difficult to decide when others are included – like my son. It shines light of areas inside that can need some development in my indecision behavior.

Or simply ask yourself. Is that true? Is that necessary? Is it kind? Trust your intuition. Close your eyes and meditate before you decide. Center yourself and listen to your heart´s answer to move braveful forward on your unique path of life. No Decision is also a decision but life will lead you to a decision when you decide even not to decide. Hopefully I can take out some pressure and stress when you are in a moment you feel unable to decide. Whatever you decide to do make sure it makes you happy.

You are enough

As a Master in Media Technology and as a Yoga Teacher I try to close the gap between the Tools of Media & the Tools of Yoga. Or better said I connect my wisdom of both.

Media is telling you with every word, picture, advertisement you take in: You have not enough and you are not enough.

Why? To buy the products of course. Everything must be faster and the product quality is consciously with a short lifespan. Why? To sell more products. As a Yoga Teacher I can tell you that you are enough. You are a perfect wonderful creation of the Universe. What does it mean exactly? You don’t have to do more, or buy more or be more to be who you are meant to be. That is what I mean when I am saying you are enough. It doesn´t mean that you are a final product. You grow, change, transform, learn, love, fall down, stand up and surf the waves of life. You don´t have to stop following your dreams or souls purpose. It means that you understand your part in this bigger picture called universe.

It also means that you can ask for help, to embrace your imperfections, mistakes and weakness. You are enough as you are with all your love and fear, joy and sadness and all other emotions and feelings. “You are enough” gives space to grow and change and continue to show up for your life daily. It means that you must not hunt to be more worthy, valid, acceptable and loved. You are already all of these things. You are from your very Beginning on a perfect creature.

Growth gives room to whatever you want to cultivate more. More open, honest, true, authentic, free, independent, connected, international, purposeful, joyful, creative and so on. These are all expressions of “Being Enough” ready to grow. All these expressions are already in yourself. The things you are attracted to outside or in other persons (good & bad) are all already established in yourself. That´s the reason you go in resonance with it.

To close the Media-Yoga-Decision–be enough circle here.

Be honest to yourself and reflect for a moment…Are you making decisions to refill your lacks from outside? Are you fill up the lack of not feeling enough with relationships and things? How long is the lack satisfied through a new pair of shoes? How fast can you can let go of persons, things, dreams and so on? Here I can weave into the Sanskrit word Aparigraha – the fifth und last Yama on the 8 folded path of Patañjali. non-possessiveness, non-attachment or non-greediness. It teaches one should take only what one needs. Or in the context of a yoga class it means to acceptance of what the body is capable of doing while in your practice. Parigraha is the opposite and means “the focus on material gain”. Parigraha uses the Media.

अपरिग्रहस्थैर्ये जन्मकथंतासंबोधः ॥३९॥ With constancy of aparigraha, a spiritual illumination of the how and why of motives and birth emerges. — Patanjali, Yoga Sutra 2.39

“Vairāgya (वैराग्य) is a Sanskrit term translates as dispassion, detachment, or renunciation, in particular renunciation from the pains and pleasures in the temporary material world. True vairāgya refers to an internal state of mind rather than to external lifestyle and can be practiced equally well by one engaged in family life and career as it can be by a renunciate. Vairāgya does not mean suppression of or developing repulsion for material objects. By the application of vivek (spiritual discrimination or discernment) to life experience, the aspirant gradually develops a strong attraction for the inner spiritual source of fulfillment and happiness and limited attachments fall away naturally. Balance is maintained between the inner spiritual state and one’s external life through the practice of seeing all limited entities as expressions of the one Cosmic Consciousness or Brahman. “ (Yoga Wiki)

What does it mean? Some questions you can ask yourself to reflect. Who was telling you the fairytale that you can fulfill all your needs with outside objects? Is it wise to step into a relationship out of a lack? Are you in such a relationship or have you been? How are you cultivating the Balance between your inner & external life? Could it be when you start to developing more your internal work that your outside world become more abundant as well? How does it feel when you are closing your eyes and you say to yourself ten times: I AM ENOUGH?

Next time I will follow up of how to let go of toxic things and relationships in your life, what costs your inner peace and happiness … well of how you can cultivate more inner happiness and fulfilment. And strengthen your connection to your own inner spiritual source.

One of my most favorite Quotes from Swami Satchidananda resonates deeply with me:“A wise person will never expect joy from the outside world or by contact with outside objects. The truth is, joy can never come from outside. Even if it seems to be coming from outside, it’s only a reflection of your own inner happiness.”



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